coconut in Sanya everywhere, seems to be one of the most common goods, every visitors from around the world come to here, and to the Southeast Asian countries, will enjoy a drink coconut, coconut water, drinking water after the inside of the meat eaten out, these seemingly ordinary but behind the action and experience, has a profound and unusual significance.

of tropical Sanya, and has been born and many parts of the country is not the same place, as to the desert, the camel must follow to get out of the desert, coconut in coconut also has the irreplaceable significance.

came to the middle of the road of foreign trade, this place before selling coconut, decided to go to the first market around, Meida came to the smell of seafood processing shop, compared to before the popularity seems to be more popular, it is not the time to eat, otherwise it will not have a quiet place to sit.

the original plan during the Spring Festival to do a live seafood purchase and processing, according to the current situation I want to book a little difficulty, only when the provisional decision, look forward to that day not too long, I believe many of my friends want to know more information timely and profound.

store environment is less and less clean, neat and clean, comfortable or great!

northern winter long black, eighteen degrees north of Sanya, there has been able to continue until six, it also makes people want to find a little bit lazy feeling almost to come out from the Meida seafood processing shop, take the sun just, decided to go to the foreign trade way to drink coconut.

sell coconut called third sister, after a friend introduced me the first time I saw, thought it would be a store, found only in the hallway, although the environment is simple, a lot of people do come coconut. Now in the area of coconut is about 15 yuan each, here are $9 each, to be honest, this is the conscience of the.

had 1.5 yuan a coconut years already do not know where to go?

has so far written from young girl, from nothing, accumulate the initial time, the roadside can easily set the table, a lot of relatively good business, now in order to ensure the safety and reduce the risks, not to put the table on the road, so a lot of people most is to take away.

sitting here for about half an hour, back and forth, there have been a lot of people come over to buy Coconut, next to a tourist said: just bought a coconut drink two no water. Third sister explained patiently how to pick good coconut, how to drink and eat meat are good not to mind taking the trouble…


The 17 most popular curry sausage shops in Germany

talk about sausage Kingdom street food, the most popular can be a number of curry sausage. In Germany, where the flow of people, within a radius of a hundred paces, there will be a hot business curry sausage shop.

how long it is worth – Curry 36, Berlin (Berlin)

the most authentic Berlin snacks, even if it is rainy days, Curry 36 stores will be lined up in front of people. Although Berlin curry sausage shop without counting, but this is still worth waiting for. Sausage baked quickly, but it will not affect the taste; sausage can choose to have skin or peeled, taste is not the same. Try one by one!

no spicy not happy – Best Worscht in Town, Frankfurtam Main (Frankfurt)

curry sausage and spicy? Yes, Frankfurt has more than just green curry sauce, the sausage shop features is the sauce, for no spicy unhappiness should be a good choice, but to do Oh, B+ sauce is the equivalent of Hot pot is said to eat spicy, F diners is no pain.

Q curry Sausage – Bratwursthaus, Bochum (Bochum)

really want to taste the curry sausage in the university town of Bochum, that this shop is a good choice, soft and elastic with curry sausage, will become your memory in Bochum delicious memories; in addition, the store also recommended Pilsner and taste the supper. Is a must.

great vegetarian sausage – CurryKartell, Mainz (Mainz)

is a vegetarian, but would you like to try some of the delicious curry sausages? This shop in Mainz can be said to be designed to meet the students and try to vegetarian, the vegetarian curry sausage shop has been the default for the surrounding the best curry sausage shop. The store’s homemade sauce, there are a lot of different exotic French fries sauce, side dishes and drinks, not only to meet the mouth, but also to meet curiosity.

locally grown ingredients – Martha ‘s, Stuttgart (Stuttgart)

in Stuttgart’s Curry sausage shop, all the ingredients are from the local. Needless to say the taste of sausage, surprisingly, the store is actually the most popular French fries, crisp and tender, very delicious! The only regret is that the food is ready for a long time, but when you eat the first one will think it is worth the wait.

sausage with Curry, Dü sseldorf (> Dusseldorf

India Mughal emperor Humayun (Humayong) has also been translated Humayun, is Asia’s most legendary emperor Babur of the Mughal Dynasty founder, Humayong is the meaning of "lucky". His father’s blessing, the character of the weak and indecisive king for 26 years, and at the age of 48 died in a bizarre accident.

was the ruler of Bihar Sarkhan Humayun was defeated after fleeing Iran, the Persian king by the army to restore him, there is only one condition: he converted to Islam Sophie sect. Therefore, the architectural style of Mausoleum of Humayun is also a typical combination of Islam and hinduism.


reset after less than a few months from the study on the stairs fell down dead, only 48 years old. In fact, like this has not been suffering from the long suffering of the sudden death is also a lucky. His wife, Queen Beckham Bos, presided over the construction of the mausoleum, which lasted 4 years.

India building reached reach the peak of perfection in the height of the Mughal Empire, which is located in India New Delhi southeast of Mausoleum of Humayun was built in India and Art beats nature., become the world architectural history of the boutique, 1993 by the United Nations World Heritage list. The name of Hu Mayong and the tomb forever, this should be the lucky after his death.

and the traditional Islamic tombs of dark and cold style, arched gate of Mausoleum of Humayun fine red sandstone and carved on the walls to give a person a kind of dignified, magnificent and dignified feeling, there are 4 gates around the tomb, pictured above is the most famous simon.

steps lead to the high 22 meters on both sides of the octagonal palace, the palace above each of the two domed octagonal pavilion, a typical Mughal style, is said to be the world’s most perfect building is modeled on the construction of Mausoleum of Humayun Taj Mahal.

tomb walls and arches are carved with a very fine version of the Koran and geometric figures.

stood on both sides of the tomb of Mughal emperor in 5. It is worth mentioning that Humayun’s 13 year old son Akbar throne after expand and consolidate its territory to become a grandfather, Mughal emperor of the great. Buried in the tomb of Humayun if you know all this, will add a lot of confidence to his own name.



grew up on the sea is full of curiosity I always love to go to the seaside with wind, deep sea exploration to secret love, love towards the sea, with spring. And the Pingtung Museum of marine life has given me a sense of wonder about the ocean, and I have a glimpse of the ocean.

Have a trip to Pingtung in Kenting

last month, in-depth understanding of the marine museum, Pingtung National Tourism and marine museum not only has the meaning of education, and the diversity of marine ecology and biological stars, such as coral kingdom Pavilion beluga, waters of the world of penguins, giant algae, seals and so on, are very popular sea creatures.

that you may have thought the beautiful NMMBA at night, what will happen? At NMMBA is to let you experience personally, personally involved in close contact with all kinds of lovely sea animal.

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because of the time, to the marine museum has been relatively late, only visited the coral kingdom pavilion.

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this is where the coral kingdom Pavilion washes. The marine museum is divided into three pavilions, namely, the Taiwan water authority, the coral kingdom Pavilion, the world water museum.


I visited is Southeast Asia’s Longest Undersea Tunnel of the coral kingdom Pavilion, here are all unique to Taiwan 84 Meenan Chinese sea shipwreck ecological tunnel and Taiwan boreal sea animal feed – the only white whale. 360?? tunnel?, is a south sea rose??? Coral and colorful world,????? Shuttle which is the night??? Sleeping with your imagination, the morning light?? in Zhanjiang? Seawater, and you turned into a??.

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, this is the longest tunnel in Southeast Asia, with wood to night night in tunnel, you are full of fish in the water, feeling, incarnation as a member of the sea, open your eyes to see tropical fish, subsea tunnel has become the most hot bed area overnight NMMBA door. The most important thing to remember is when you make your bed in an undersea tunnel.

coral kingdom Pavilion, you can see a variety of coral.

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you can’t see what this is a marine life, quietly tell you, oh, this is a whale larvae, is not a jump.

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this is the white whale, when you walk past, the white whale will show a different attitude, very magical;


1, volt table miss

is one of the most wooden table objects can bring small fresh temperament, lying on the table, eyes look to the lens, like in the empty state, or waiting for what is missing, with a hint of melancholy.

2, leaning against the wall melancholy

don’t ignore some of the daily situations, even a common wall. In the reinforced concrete city, this is full of texture of the brick wall, coupled with a slight touch of melancholy temperament, suddenly turned small fresh!

3, knee provocative

regardless of green grass, and trees or dead branches, these are natural small fresh wood there? Holding the knee to sit, look at the camera at the same time with a tease, pure revealed a trace of sexy. Or hold his head while his eyes closed, another speechless fresh feeling in my heart ~

4, supine intoxicated

completely relax in the grass or lying in the flowers, with a face, face intoxicated ~ basking in the sun, smelling the fragrance of flowers, is immersed in a beautiful dream, enjoy this piece of flowers….

5, intellectual reading style

book is a very good interpretation of the small fresh props, as if to return to the era of students. With books and pictures together and half covered his face, vaguely have a tranquil and intellectual beauty, with more touch yo?.

6, youth overlooking

to shoot a small fresh, posture can not be too artificial, natural random to put a glance or look up to the distant position, the youth breath overflowing with wood?! With the background of pastoral style, almost perfect!

7, Meng ornament

It is essential that the

shoot small fresh small accessories embellishment, simple single product is all-match. Wearing a beautiful little flowers or a variety of Meng Meng Da head hoop, a pure fairy look self-evident.

8, guitar style

music girl paper always gives a fresh feeling, but can not play without fear, the use of a variety of musical instruments can also create your own small fresh screen. Therefore, guitar, Violin and other musical instruments full of props is essential to shoot small fresh photos.

9, flowers beauty