2 fun games 3 feet for consensus to run fast "two legged", reminds me of my master who exhort "common knowledge, common consensus,"; each one sticks to his own viewpoint will not move forward to force more considerate. "Two legged" during the game, people think of the discovery of "common knowledge, common consensus," a mutual understanding and consensus, in order to purify the mind, cohesion force, or from a start and then similarly. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Yang Qingrong) a broad future tacit understanding the Tzu Chi Hospital in Hualian (2016) this year to meet its thirty anniversary, held on August 6th, the traditional "dynamic games", I also for fun competitions in the two tripods". I belong to the "good team", a group of two people, a team of ten, practice seriously in the two days before the sports meet. "We got the right foot first……" One! Two!……" The two legged test team cooperation and mutual understanding, look forward to working with double force excitation. We will hold in, winning second mood, happy to complete the "two legged race"; in the process, I also remind people of the discovery of "common knowledge, common consensus, for". In personal life, will inevitably encounter "order of priority, priority", inadvertently has "big or small things; important and unimportant" heart respectively. In the work, each have strengths and professional work, when it is "what is order of priority", "personal priorities". Because of their different criteria, which contain the distractions and for team speed. There is no consensus, there will never be the intersection of power; need to grasp the causes and the bridge to establish communication tacit understanding in the way, let the team together, to meet the broad future. So then put people on the same thing or have different views, there is no right or wrong. When the realm, unable to compromise with their principles, perhaps temporarily put yourself down, is the best way. As time goes by, nature can find the answer. From the process of letting go, learning to cultivate the hearts of others, not as a matter of course, as usual, naturally able to narrow their own. Think about how many things you can do for your partner! Observe the seasons, cold wind and rain day greetings; others see the heart, silently patted shoulders; live under one roof, to convey a caring mind; the trivial chores, willing to do the music heard everything, big and small; negative words, turn evil good mindfulness guide…… Buddhist consciousness he invited everyone to experience, Buddha’s heart, peers in the bodhisattva. With the mutual recognition, in order to purify the mind, cohesion force, or from a start and then similarly.相关的主题文章: