2016 car – Novosibirsk – Eurasian Russia Sohu tourism map; Chen Meng (Mike Chen Yong) micro signal: chinachenyong car to drive to the German D17: Kemerovo ~ Novosibirsk there are two routes to choose from, we go downtown. Roadside rape flowers, cattle are more. Today is 269 km journey, relaxed, arrived in Novosibirsk at noon. Novosibirsk city built in 1893, is the largest city in the Siberia area. Article more than and 3 of the city population in russia. There are many factories in China, with some of the best universities, museums and theatres in russia. Former Soviet Ace Pilots, air marshal Alexander · Ivanovic ·. Lenin square is the center of the city of Novosibirsk has a lot of theatre, the Novosibirsk opera China appearance more beautiful, built in 1931, in Russia enjoys famous statue of Lenin square, St. Jef Nicola church was built in 1915, is relatively small. The key is in the middle of the main road, the road to bypass the church, from both sides. Need to go through the underpass. Alexander Nevski church 898 years to build, is a Byzantine style red brick church. Gilded dome. Next to the OB railway bridge preserving a primitive bridge, people can see the earliest Siberia railway. Local people like to hang concentric lock in 1890, Tsar Alexander III officially issued an order to start the construction of Siberia railway. So, here is the statue of Alexander III. Novosibirsk local history museum, founded in 1911, is the largest at the beginning of twentieth Century the city’s most perfect building, was the city business building. There are many exhibits in the museum, which reflect the cultural life of the local residents in Siberia. This knife is made of stone. The car to drive to the German D18: Novosibirsk today is the most relaxing day, because you can not hurry. We wake up to sleep, then go to more than and 20 kilometers outside of Novosibirsk science city. Science City is one of the most famous high-tech parks in the world. It has 30 scientific research entities, including natural science and technology science. It is one of the international activity centers for academic exchanges and scholars in the world. This building is the Novosibirsk state.相关的主题文章: