Personal-Tech Retail is one sector of the industry wherein the minds behind the business are constantly churning out newer strategies to keep their consumers engaged. What better option than loyalty programs to keep the consumers interested? Mobile devices are put to use by 1/5 of the customers for shopping-related tasks, out of which 50% use their mobile devices even while shopping in a brick-and-mortar store Loyalty Programs are the best methods to connect with their customers, say 64% retailers 229.6 million The number of Loyalty Program memberships for departmental stores. 46% retailers are of the opinion that loyalty programs contribute significantly to sales As loyalty programs drive sales and increase the retailers ROIs, it imperative that businesses personalize their offers based on every unique consumers purchasing as well as browsing behaviors. Big data and analytics solutions are an extremely feasible option for business enterprises in generating valuable insights on such consumer data. Technology and digitization have opened up a window of possibilities for retail businesses to tap into the specifics of what a consumer is browsing or buying. However, most retailers do not have such analytics platform in place or are only in the process of implementing it. In such a scenario, the retail enterprises that have managed to integrate a big data and analytics platform into their services are way ahead of their .petitors. These enterprises can effortlessly gain access to not only their present or past customers, but can also analyze their purchase history and feedbacks shared across multiple .munication channels. These forward-thinking enterprises, about 27%, with their effective data analytics strategy in place can deliver an improved customer experience based on facts. In another research run by Alteryx, it had been observed that the unavailability of the requisite data often has unfavorable impact on businesses and their subsequent decision-making processes. More often than not, it had led to missed sales opportunities for 37% businesses, 25% reduced ROIs, increased costs for 18% while 9% even lost out to their .petitors. Although it can be difficult to create a single value chain, which in turn would enable retailers to develop a highly engaging and personalized brand experience for their customers it is not impossible. This omnichannel approach along with big data and analytics solutions seems to remain elusive for most marketers as well as retailers. However, the successful retailers are separate from their counterparts for they have managed to generate a 3600 view of their consumers across multiple retails channels of online and offline channels of retailing. These retailers have managed to create a birds-eye view of the consumers with their implementation of a single integrated channel for analyzing and tracking all user activity across multiple channels. Additionally, these retailers can implement loyalty programs designed by a web development California .pany as they tend to be highly customizable. The loyalty programs offered by the web development California .pany can be utilized at the discretion of the business owners, depending on the type of consumers, purchases or even for specific events. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: