of the city called Shenzhen, the city in the world known as the "Shenzhen speed" of the city to create a city development miracle in the past forty years, and now many rings around the city, not only is the deputy provincial, national or regional city, or municipalities, plus special economic zone this, several layers of buff with the Shenzhen moment came to the national level first-tier cities.

However, in

from the beginning of 1980, to the Shenzhen stock exchange, and then to Shenzhen in twenty-first Century to take off, now Shenzhen has not previously on the same day at all, while Shenzhen is in the 04 year, officially became the first non rural farmers without city Chinese.

and in two to one or two years, the car ownership in Shenzhen has come to the country’s second, second only to Beijing, GDP is as high as more than 1 trillion and 700 billion, more than a large number of municipalities and other large cities. Also in two to one or two years, Shenzhen ranked the world’s most competitive cities in the top second.

and Shenzhen is ninth of the world’s financial center, although these years ranked some changes, but the strength is still strong, it is undeniable that also makes Shenzhen in many areas have made remarkable achievements, but these are thanks to the struggle of the people in Shenzhen.