Photography Your creativity will help you get into the business of photography as you will enjoy taking shots. The artistic vision makes you express through your photographs while other people get into photography from the technical side. In todays world of digital photography, you love to play the images on the computer with the latest technology. Inspiration is very important as you need to find the beauty and uniqueness in whatever you photograph. Basics in photography are light, color, contrast and composition. So you can pull out the favorite lens as the lens really does make a difference and start looking through it. Once you like flowers, you get up close and find some nice form. Photographs can be taken from different angles and composition. Sometimes the light is different on one side than another. Maybe the stage is lit in a way that compliments the flowers. Or maybe you can angle the photograph so that the stage and table tell a story of what the room felt like. You can also make a list of creative things that inspire you to paint and take photographs. This process will further clarify your inner ideas and make you realize how to stimulate the creative streak you have in you. One best option is to take your family and go for a long drive near farms and field. There you can get various over whelming views that will urge you to get out of your vehicle and capture some awesome photographs. The natural beauty of the lush green farms will attract you where you would want to go back, sit beside the road and paint those farm scenes. Another photography inspiration is to look at old vacation photos. When you will re-view old photos taken on vacation, it will always bring back memories and you would want to re-visit that place again. More pictures in a better way can be taken from different angles by visiting the same place. You can also visit a park and capture natural beauty including flowers in bloom, trees, water, birds and other wildlife can be very interesting and exciting. You can also look around your house and capture small things which will inspire you for your photography. The textures of fabrics, wood, walls, grass, weeds, and even items of glassware and dishes can be interesting subjects. Then go outside around in neighborhood and look at the textures of rocks, walls of buildings, the bark of trees; they all have interesting textures and colors. You can participate in various photo contests but if you feel shy or hesitant to take participation in such contests then you can also put your paintings or photographs in various fairs and exposition. These fairs are open for all and here you can also get a lifetime opportunity where you can receive some useful feedback for your creations and can also learn from the other participants creations. Hopefully, this will inspire you to take more and more pictures some of you to get out there and create a history for the same. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: