Business A normal computer user uses about 9-10 cartridges a year. Research suggests that about 2 billion empty cartridges are thrown in the garbage every year worldwide. These are mainly inkjet printer cartridge, the most popular printing equipment among computer users. Several household print family photos round the year, hence it is natural that they use lot of ink cartridges in a year. Large business organizations and some small businesses utilize hundreds of ink cartridges every year and all the used up cartridges end up being dumped in the garbage. Environmental and other Fringe benefits of reusing used inkjet printer cartridges: By reusing your used cartridges you can save a significant amount on buying new cartridges You can get your cartridges refilled with new ink that offer same print quality as the new/original cartridge. Imagine the amount of money you can save, experts suggest that an average inkjet cartridge can be re-used 8 to 10 times. However, the refilling should be done only by professionals right from the first time. By reusing the empty inkjets you not only save money but also you protect the environment. The materials that the cartridges are made of are not easily decomposable. The cartridge your throw in the garbage remains in the landfill for about 10 centuries. Thus, by reusing the old cartridges you can prevent manufacturing new ones. How to recycle the old cartridges? Typically, most cartridge manufacturers print instructions on how to recycle the used cartridges on the box. Follow the instructions on the box carefully and you would be able to recycle the cartridges yourself. You can also browse the internet for instructions to recycle the old and used inkjet printer cartridges. You can search for organizations over the internet that offer used printer recycling programs. You can sell your old cartridges to these programs for cash. Typically, most cartridge recycling organizations offer free pickup. Selling Empty cartridges a way to earn money: Often most people would throw away the empty inkjet cartridges once it is used. However, not many realized that even these cartridges can be sold for money. There are several used cartridge buyers who offer a pretty decent amount for selling empty cartridges. You can sell the used cartridges for about $0.25 to $5 sometimes you may even get paid more. The price for the used cartridges may vary from buyer to buyer. The price would also depend on the type of cartridge you are selling. There are many businesses that specialize in recycling used printer inkjet cartridges. These businesses buy the old cartridges from cartridge users and they in turn recycle it and resell the same to manufactures of inkjet cartridges. You can easily locate a used cartridges buyers in your locality by browsing online. If you wish to get into selling old and used cartridges business, you need to find regular supply for old cartridges. The following tips will help you find more cartridges: 1.Start a free pickup service for used cartridges in your vicinity. Several households simply throw the cartridges, you can tell them to call u next time they throw the cartridge. 2.Another effective way to collect pool of empty cartridge is to hold a social event in your locality where the entrance requirement would be drop a used printer cartridge. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: