Fashion-Style   Look! Maggie and Mika are going window shopping arm in arm now. How intimate friends they are. Actually, their friendship comes from a small fight in one cold winter.   Two years ago, it was quite cold and snowed. There was a layer of thick accumulation of snow on the street. Maggie was going to meet her boyfriend, and so was Mika. Both of two girls carried Gucci handbags. What hit-and-miss was that their handbags were the same type and colour. They came out from the same subway station. After they went out, because so many people crowded in the exit, Maggie and Mika were pushed by the crowd. Just at that moment, Maggie slipped up and she thought it was Mika’s mistake. What was worse, Maggie’s Gucci handbag also dropped in the slush. You could imagine how angry Maggie was. Do you know what did Maggie do? She stood up and pushed her opponent, Mika, almost by her whole strength. As a result, Mika’s Gucci handbag became the other victim. Then they tangled with each other furiously.   Actually, what they cared about most was their loved world famous brand Gucci handbags. However, when they found their bags were the same, it seemed as their anger died down a lot. Maybe, they found they had something in common. Since both of their handbags were expensive, stopping fight totally was the best choice. Then, the two girls said nothing but went on their way to their dates. The strange thing was that they were on the same road and same direction. Mika, in fact, was a generous girl, and she asked firstly where Maggie wanted to go. To their surprise, their date destination was the same place. Until now, two girls smiled broadly. Maybe, they looked upon that small fight as a decree of fate. On their way, they talked a lot and they found they had so much in common. For example, they loved leather bags very much and had an expensive and profound expertise on the famous bags and fashionable clothes.   Do you want to know the result of that day? On that day, the two couples of lovers went to cinema and watched a film together. After the film, they went to a restaurant and had a big meal.   After that day, the fight, the film and the meal, Maggie and Mika became quite good friends. Just because of this, we can see the picture of their go-window shopping in the very beginning. I am sure they will be intimate friends forever. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: