Relationships There are so many reasons lovers break up, and so many people who have gone through at least one breakup. Some are actually a good thing. But some are not! If you have ever been down this road, whether you caused the split or it was done to you, then you know it can be a very emotional time. I know a friend who just went through a very heart breaking separation and it did not seem like there was any hope for her and the man she was engaged with for several years. Of course all she can think about is how to get back together with her ex! You have to wonder, is there hope for her and others like her? Can you get back together with a boyfriend or girlfriend or fiance? Can you win back the love of an estranged spouse? Well, the answer to those questions is simple yes! But the methods and ways to achieve that reconciliation are not so simple. Love is a complicated game, and you need to know what the rules are and what your options are. If youre going to go into battle to get back together with an ex, then you need to have a battle plan! Knowledge is always power, but right now all you probably have is questions, right? Well, its time to ask yourself a couple of hard questions. First off, if you were engaged for several years and then broke up, that already should put up a red flag: someone is afraid of commitment. Another flag should go up if you argue so much that you spend more time giving the silent treatment than actually conversing with your lover. Besides, the silent treatment is probably the biggest indicator that there is a serious problem with your relationship and if you plan on fixing it, then you better figure out a way to fight for it now. Like we said, you need a battle plan if you want to get back with your ex partner. Back to my friend, she was so heart broken that she couldn’t sleep, eat or even sit and talk with anyone because her mind was so wrapped up in her sorrow. I assisted her in searching online for some tips or answers and seeing if there was anyway to get someone else’s perspective on how to get over a breakup. And we came across an absolute gem of a book: its called Fight For Love, and theres nothing else out there like it. It contains all the information you need to help you figure out where your relationship is going, what you want and need from a lover, and whether you can or should get back together with an ex. Its truly a goldmine of information! You can discover this gem for yourself here: You see, before we read this book, we blamed the man and figured it was the fiance making all the mistakes. But after reading this book, we realised there is a much bigger picture and other things that also have to be taken into account. Relationships are a two-way street, and Fight For Love really showed my friend and I that there are many ways to heal and nurture a relationship. Actually, after reading this book and going over all the information with her, I am ready to get into a serious relationship myself. I know now that there is a way to teach people how to make love work and when it is not working you can and should fight for it. And you can successfully get back together with your partner ! Hey, my friend did get back with her man, and hes now her husband! It also taught him how to commit among so many other things to make their love last. So battle for your love and if it is meant to be, it will be. Go on, do yourself a favour and get your love battle plan here: 相关的主题文章: