Home-and-Family If you have been around the real estate game for any length of time, then you know what a short sale is, and you are aware of just how profitable these can be for the patient investor. Especially since 2008, there has been an influx of homes in the San Clemente area that have fallen into the short sale category. While this may not be a good sign for the market as a whole, it is a great sign for the capable investor. However, these opportunities could be disappearing in the next two years. Underemployment and unemployment rates are already falling, signaling that Americans are returning to work, and that they will soon become more confident about taking on a home purchase. When that happens, expect interest rates to rise along with home prices. If your dream is to get a short sale home before that happens, then you need to be paying especially close attention to the short sale agent representing you. What should you look for in a quality short sale agent? Above all, you should look for experience. With the four years of down market that San Clemente and other areas throughout the U.S. have seen, you should not have any trouble finding an agent, who has at least some experience with this process. The more challenging thing to look for, however, is an agent, who has routinely won short sale transactions for his client. Short sales are a very competitive category of real estate, because once they go out on the market, investors understand that they can get a home way below the market value price. So while home buying may not be in great demand, short sales always are. Unfortunately, that means that you do not get a lot of opportunity to make an impression. If you do not come equipped to the game with the best offer, there is usually no counter. The seller will just take whoever does have a solid first offer. With this knowledge in mind, it is easy to see how important that first offer is, because it is usually your last as well. Short sale agents know the market well, and they know how to construct an offer that will be profitable for you while also not coming across as an insult to the seller. There is a fine line to walk in this regard, and it is experience that makes sure you are able to walk it with consistency and competence. Before you set out to purchase your short sale home in San Clemente, put in the extra legwork and research time necessary for finding a quality agent. Ask around. Learn their experience. And choose only the best to represent you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: