Health It is no secret that men love yoga, mostly when their girlfriends do it. Her weekly yoga retreat makes her highly flexible in bed and sexier overall. This might surprise you but yoga is not only for women. In fact, many experts say that taking at least one yoga class each week or even doing a few moves before your workout can build strength, increase endurance and prevent injury. You can also get flexible in bed and even increase your fertility if you are trying to make a family. Here are some of the top moves you can begin practicing today: Forward fold – To get to this pose, stand with your legs hip-width apart. Hinge forward gently at the hips and start lowering the torso to the floor. Bend your knees to take the pressure off the hamstrings and the back. Grab your ankles and breathe deeply as you allow gravity to pull your body towards the floor. Relax your head, neck and shoulders. Gently shake your head and hold for a minute. This pose stretches the calves, hamstrings, calves and hips. It strengthens your knees and legs, and with time lowers your blood pressure. You can use it as a warm up for any workout. Downward facing dog – Begin the move on all fours, with your knees and feet hip-width apart. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart. Keep the fingers spread wide. Lift the knees of the floor as you press firmly through the hands. Walk the feet back a few inches and the hands front a few inches. Squeeze and press the thighs toward the back wall. Press the heels down and back toward your floor as you relax the neck and head. Suck your core in to engage the core muscles. Hold for about three minutes while you breathe deeply. This move builds your upper body strength while releasing tightness in the hips and hamstrings. Chair – This move stretches your chest and shoulders, and strengthens the calves, thighs, ankles and spine. To get into position, stand straight with both your big toes touching each other. Raise your arms up straight along with the neck and head as you inhale. Your palms should be facing each other. Bend your knees as if to sit down on a chair then go back up. Do not allow your knees to go beyond your big toes as you go down. Inhale as you go up and exhale as you come down. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: