Humor Once surfing the Internet, I found an interesting website, , which introduces many fun audio and video software programs. I especially feel interested in a webcam video chat software named AV WebCam Morpher. AV WebCam Morpher is a fun video chat software that allows me to be creative in online activities by altering and controlling my webcam output in real time. I can control my image, voice, and background image, as well as apply audio and video effects to the webcam presentation. Also I can capture both outgoing and incoming webcam images, and easily share them with my friends. With the program, I can play roles in chat rooms: Just choose a persona or "nickface", a suitable "nickvoice", change backgrounds, add some effects to video chat and rock the chat room. This is a great tool for me to prepare some fun this Halloween and make my friends surprised. Do you believe it? To use this software, I dont even need to own a webcam; it will simulate a webcam broadcast for me through nickfaces. Nickfaces are controlled by a pop-up panel to control gestures and expressions, giving the appearance of normal webcam motion. So I can create my own nickfaces or use pre-made nickfaces to change my online appearance. Background images can be changed in real time by using one of several preset images or by using your own prepared images. The program also allows me to share clips with my friends online easily and quickly. AV WeCam Morpher can handle any installed web camera, so I dont need to buy a real webcam for live video chat. Also the program can record anything my webcam can see for as long as I want to and then save it as a compressed video in AVI format. AV WebCam Morpher works well with many Video Instant Messenger applications like Yahoo Messenger with Voice, Skype, Camfrog, PalTalk Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, etc. There are lots of cute nickfaces for me to choose from; I just select my favorite personality from up to fifty nickfaces. They can smile, laugh, talk, even flirt like real people. Outstanding background audio and video effects allow me to color, or replace video backgrounds, adjust the brightness, contrast, or apply noise reduction, band pass filter, and more. The superior nickvoice library allows me to combine them with my nickfaces; I just choose from many suitable nickvoices such as a prudent girl, a charming girl, a boy, a young man, a teenager or even a spooky ghost or a scary goblin, etc. Many Halloween backgrounds and Halloween background sound effects are updated for the software this Halloween. That will be great, cause while I am chatting with my friends, they will see behind me the background of a haunted house, a horror graveyard, a dark forest with flying ghosts, etc. When they turn their headphones, they will hear horror sounds, panic screams, sounds of ghosts crying, etc. I can do all that things with the help of newly updated Halloween video backgrounds and Halloween background sound effects for AV Webcam Morpher and they are available at . The program can be downloaded at ?tag=mncol. You can learn more about and download the program at . Also visit for more Halloween audio and video backgrounds and effects. Have fun. Happy Halloween! E.M. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: