Travel-and-Leisure Most Interesting Detroit Attractions Popularly referred to as the Motor City, Detroit is known for its connection to motor vehicles. The place where the original Ford Factory stood, this city is the oldest one in the Midwest. The Detroit attractions for tourists are far too many ranging from spots of historic importance to ethnic hotspots to the ultra modern city life and you need to take time and have patience to thoroughly discover the nitty-gritty of the city. Discover the Detroit attractions Renaissance Center Located in the Jefferson Avenue, Beaubien, this happens to be Detroit’s most distinguished and evident attraction with its unique architecture of multi-cylindrical designs created out of shiny black glass. Built in view of stimulating new interest towards the downtown city area which seemed to be growing gray, this wonderful structure houses the headquarters of General Motors, and is home to a number of shopping outlets, restaurants, banks and movie theaters. If you have a fetish for art and architecture you cannot give the Renaissance Center a miss. It also offers excellent panoramic view of the Michigan’s prairies, the Great Lakes, and the Dever City. Detroit Public Library Adorning the heart of the Cultural Center, Detroit Public Library is located on the Woodward Avenue, at walking distance from the citys top tourist attractions including museums and art galleries. You will enjoy the Burton Historical Collection in the Detroit Public Library. Belle Isle – Belle Isle, a charming island in the Detroit River, can be reached by the General MacArthur Bridge and offers a whiff of fresh air far form the city din and noise. Offering beautiful park, sports facilities, hiking trails, a Botanical Museum, an Aquarium of freshwater fish, the Dossin Great Lakes Museum and a Safari Zoo, the island is one of the major Detroit attractions as it offers calm and entertainment at the same time and allows you to give your everyday worries and work a cold shoulder, for a change. Check out the wonderful architectural creations near the Detroit Yacht Club. Take pleasure in the Conservatory, the Casino, and the Lighthouse all designed by Albert Kahn between the years1903 and 1930. Living up to its popular name, the city of Detroit hosts the IndyCar Series and the Motor City Triathlon at this venue. Detroit Science Center – This high-tech science center in Detroit offers a clever blend of education and thrill in right balance. Browse through the huge array of state-of-the-art gadgets, tech gimmicks and technology displays, the Detroit Science Center is complete with options of practical amusement and also stresses on education the interactive way. Apart from the numerous interactive exhibits, Detroit Science Center covers a huge IMAX theater which features a whole range of enchanting shows to deliver greater doses of fun and excitement. Detroit Zoo One of the most visited Detroit attractions, the Detroit Zoo is actually one of the countrys best zoos with the best collection of wildlife. Set up in the year 1928 to initiate the concept of free moving animal exhibits, with just natural barriers working as enclosures was the foremost of its kind. The large zoo area covers a huge selection of animals that include several rare species as well as some that have become extinct. The various zoo attractions include the Penguin House; a great apes exhibit; Elephant House; Arctic Ring of Life, the worlds most vast display of polar bears within enclosures; and a beautiful garden full of variegated butterflies and cute hummingbirds Some of the other Detroit attractions include: Eastern Market Motown Historical Museum Detroit Institute of Fine Arts Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History Visit the Motor City to move around some of the most interesting Detroit attractions and have your fill of a great travel experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: