Travel-and-Leisure Find Promos for Bahamas Vacations Look for great deals and save on discount packages when you go on Bahamas Vacations; youll have more time to have fun and relax. Paradise Island Harbour Resort in Nassau has an all inclusive package for family vacationers that start at $225 a night that includes one family sized room, free breakfast, free use of in house facilities plus its very near island attractions like Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounters and Atlantis Casino. Andros Islands Small Hope Bay Lodge is also offering an all inclusive scuba diving package starting at $2,420 which includes 8 days of accommodation with 3 dives daily, free room accommodation, all day meals and drinks, Wi-Fi access, and free calls to the US or Canada. Bonefishing is famous in Andros Island and Emerald Palms want you to take advantage of their special offer: $1074 for 2 days of bonefishing, room accommodation, Morning and lunch meals plus your suite has an amazing view of the ocean. Visit the Bahamas and discover ways to enjoy it without spending too much. Options for travel: Bahamas Vacations You are already considering booking for Bahamas Vacations for the whole family this coming summer vacation. You can choose from either flying in via the available flights that serve the islands or better yet join a cruise ship that makes the islands one of their ports of calls. This way, you not only get to enjoy the tropical waters and fine white sand but the journey as well. Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruises are some of the well-known cruise lines that ply this route. You can also fly to the islands either by commercial flight via American Airlines, Continental Airlines, and JetBlue Airways which are some of the commercial airlines that fly you to the Bahamas from Continental USA. There are also flights that come here direct from other parts of the world like Air Canada, Cubana Airlines and British Airways. The many choices for ways of reaching the islands have made traveling to the Bahamas trouble-free. Bahamas Vacations with Zero Plane Fare You will be able to get you and your companion free airfares when you book your Bahamas Vacations now. You can avail of 2 free tickets for your flight from Nassau to the location of the hotel that you would be booking a 4 night vacation package when you book between now and May 10th of this year. Rates are for double occupancy for the room and are applicable only to flights until 22nd of December of this year. You can only avail of 1 free ticket if your flight will be coming from continental USA so its like a buy 1 take 1 fare which you can share with a friend. You will still have to book a 4 night stay in a double occupancy room with the hotels included in the list by May 10, 2010 and travel by December 22, 2010. Book through the Bahamas Out Island Reservation Service and score yourself free air tickets. No need to empty out your savings account for a vacation dream comes true! Bahamas Vacations: Harbour Island Harbour Island is the perfect marriage of natural beauty and luxury; touted as the best island in the Caribbean for Bahamas Vacations, you wont see anything like it anywhere else. Pink Sands Beach owes its unique pinkish sands to the foraminifera, a single celled animal that is covered with a colorful shell, in this case red, which mixes well with the white sand; horseback riding here is definitely a romantic way to enjoy a vacation, especially for couples. Take in the beautiful sunset at site of the Lone Tree while you listen to the local folklore on how it got there; the most probable account is it being washed ashore after a big hurricane but what is hair raising about it is how it got there upright as if its the spot where it grew. For a feel of the islands history and the local neighborhood, visit Bay Street which is the towns center of activity; go to some of the islands historic sites like the Dunmore Cottage, the Shipyard, and the Old Fort among many others. Before going here, be sure youve visited other islands because its so lovely and comfortable that youd rather stay here longer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: