Web-Development If in real life we have to respect the Highway Code, not to endanger our lives and of others, so the web, in the virtual world, we should adhere to a code of conduct, not to jeopardize the success of our website. 1.A safe distance between the links It often happens that in trying to click on a link, I open another page instead, because the distance between those menu items is so thin that it does not allow me to hit the target. 2. No parking A website, however, a blog, a portal must be roads on which to get and stay. 3. Parking Okay, I can buy a domain for a project I have in mind, and then why not leave it more interesting. No problem. But park it just to scrape together pennies with Adsense is not useful for either the victim or person who arrived there for the homeless who publishes it. 4. Prohibition of acoustic signals And what about all those who, like me, sailing and working on the pc speakers off? And what about the unnecessary aggravation of excess code page that has no logical justification or utility? 5. Children Crossing The web is a public square. Even though I am increasingly convinced that children should not sail alone, it is good to note this on your site if you have adult content (strong images, profanity, nudity, etc..), Just as is done on TV (although not Let me explain why it is done only for movies and not for all events …). 6. No access Exaggeration? Perhaps we then 20-30 seconds to open the entire page. 7. No through road What I had before? In several cases I did not understand. You could not understand the menu, either because the web master had used too much imagination and creativity to make it or because I really missed … A website is made for users, so make sure that users know how to navigate in your site. Can you think of other signs to be applied to websites? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: