UnCategorized With technology moving at such an alarming pace, employees need to be able to pick up new skills quickly. As trainers we need to be able to deliver courses that meet this need. How can we do this when the course duration may be only one or two days for a complex subject? Well, for trainers and learners, there are substantial benefits in using structured accelerated learning techniques. These techniques involve using all of the senses and are adaptable for every style of learning and for every learner; irrespective of their age, background or experience. This is thanks to the whole brain style of learning which ensures that the artistic side and the logical part of the brain both work in harmony. Accelerated learning is the culmination of years of research carried out in over 90 universities throughout the world. The effects have been so remarkable that the education system in the UK is considering implementing it into the state educational system. So what are the advantages of using accelerated learning? For businesses looking for training, accelerated learning can help streamline the amount of time that it takes for employees to train. This can reduce costs whilst increasing productivity. By using accelerated learning techniques, students are encouraged to take control of their learning so they can easily master the course material and bring the benefits back to the office. If you are a trainer, accelerated learning will begin to work its magic by focusing on your students inborn skills such as logical thinking and creativity. You can bring the subject to life, by using arts, drama, music, text and pictures. Study material can be presented in a condensed version which makes learning fun and accessible. Here are some examples of how accelerated learning techniques that can be used in the training room. The overall aim is to encourage students to take control of their learning. Start by creating an environment where everyone is a student and teacher at the same time. Encourage the use of positive language as this facilitates problem-solving and creative thinking. Consider using "learner articulation". This involves an activity where a student is asked to describe to a fellow student the material which has just been learned. The information can be recalled using a variety of sources. Articulating newly learned facts is a great way to make information stay permanently engrained. Try using a variety of learning accelerators to fast track the students’ understanding. Consider using techniques such as mental imagery, mnemonics, songs, role play and mind mapping – these allow volumes of information to be absorbed with very little effort from the students. This can be particularly useful with students who may feel anxious about training or group activities. Learners in a relaxed environment will leave the course feeling rewarded, stimulated and energised knowing that they are able to pick up skills quickly, work independently and perform their role at a much higher performance rate. So make the learning environment relaxing, playful and inviting. For example, use a multidimensional approach to presenting material. Include inspiring pictures in the room, use colourful props, organise tables in small clusters or play soft music in the background. This will encourage more play and less stress! Ask for feedback throughout the training session. This provides trainers with the opportunity to immediately tweak any weak areas and ensure that the course stays on track for everyone concerned. This also allows the course to continually evolve in a positive manner and achieve the best results possible for the students. It doesn’t matter what your experience and background is as a trainer, accelerated learning techniques can open the doors to those opportunities that need to be mastered in record time and help individuals stay ahead of the game. By teaching your students learning accelerators, they can select those methods which benefit them the most in retaining new information. As a trainer you are working alongside your students in a relaxed environment. You too can leave the course at the end of the day feeling rewarded, stimulated and energised, knowing that you are helping employees to pick up new skills quickly, work independently and with a much higher performance rate. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: