Experiential Marketing Brings Product Familiarity Posted By: Jeff Hewson Many marketing professionals would agree that connecting people with products so as to create customers is not as easy as it sounds. With the popularity of the AMC show Mad Men, there has been some renewed interest in the often shadowy world of the men and women who try to create the perfect catch phrase so as to separate Mr. and Mrs. Public from their hard-earned money. But one drawback to Mad Men is that, being set in the 1960s, the advertising world it depicts is quite a bit out of date. This is not to say that brainstorming over slogans and print ads is a bygone phenomenon, because those are still worthwhile endeavours. But newer techniques have emerged to compliment the "old way" of doing things, often with great success. One such new technique is experiential marketing. In a nutshell, experiential marketing might be considered simply the art of manufacturing a live experience between some members of the public and whatever product or service is meant to be sold. In other words, rather than an ad, people get their hands on the product itself.Experiential Marketing Agency Toronto Event Marketing Experiential Marketing Agency Toronto Increasing Sales And Brand Equity In Your Company: Is Experiental Marketing The Answer? Posted By: Jeff Hewson In recent years, the development of progressive marketing techniques has evolved to new levels, and experiential marketing is fast becoming the method of choice for companies wishing to increase sales and brand equity and engage with their customers. Experiential marketing proves its worth when it comes to connecting consumers and brands. By creating events through which customers are able to interact with a certain product, agencies are able to negotiate positive relationships between the two. There are a wealth of Toronto-based marketing agencies for companies to choose from, each with the ability to cultivate dynamic relationships through a variety of events; including taste tests, focus groups, test drives and interactive product demonstrations. But What is Experiential Marketing? By engaging with customers face-to-face, experiential marketing assists companies by generating interest in a product amongst its targeted consumers. Initiatives such as this create desire and increase a consumer’s intent to purchase a specific item. This approach increases overall brand awareness by allowing consumers to interact with the product on offer, urging them to consider buying in to the brand.Toronto Event Marketing Agency Experiential Marketing Agency Toronto Event Marketing Agency More Agencies Embracing Experiential Marketing Approaches Posted By: Jeff Hewson Experiential Marketing Event Marketing Agency Toronto Experiential Marketing Experiential Marketing Puts Brands Into Customers’ Hands Posted By: Jeff Hewson Toronto experiential marketing Toronto event marketing agen Toronto experiential marketing 相关的主题文章: