Exercise For sure, Turbulence Training is not boring. And fact is – Turbulence Training is designed to challenge your body in ways that it will produce the results you want. Here’s what to expect from Turbulence Training – 1. Turbulence Training is not about long slow boring cardios – wasting away your precious time at the gym with no results to show for; 2. Turbulence Training is not about using light weight training – this will not tone your body or burn the fat away’ 3. Turbulence Training is not about a quick fix solution – rather it is about being consistent and working your body with short but high intensity training that will get the results; 4. It is not a diet program. Rather it is about eating smart and eating more wholesome foods to lower your body fat and keeping it off. 5. Many people either get bored or hit a frustrating plateau in their training at one time or another. Most of time this is due to people rarely changing their variables at one time or mixing up their workouts. Too many people stick to the same old basic sets, reps and rest periods with the same routine. But with Turbulence Training, it is about spicing it up and working your body harder with many challenging variables. You will never get bored – and more importantly your body will be working hard to burn more fat; 5. Turbulence Training is all about using challenging resistance training and variable intensity cardio training to jolt your body’s metabolism to work more, burn more and develop that toned body. 6. Turbulence Training is about using research proven workouts that are short and effective. In fact, the total workout time for both the cardio and resistance training are roughly 40 to 45 minutes. The total body workouts are structured to get the best results. This is great for busy people not wanting to waste too much time away from home. 7. Turbulence Training can be done at home using body weight exercises that are both challenging and effective. 8. If you are unsure on how to perform the exercises, Turbulence Training comes with more than 30 pages of exercise descriptions filled with photos. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: