Careers-Employment When I was seventeen years old, I walked into my first college classroom. I was young and scared, and I couldn’t afford any textbooks. So, I sat and I listened and was able to make the grade. Since then, I have gone back to school a few times, but have not been able to complete my studies. I am now 32, the mother of two children and going on campus has proven to be extremely difficult. Recently, I became a single mother, so my situation has become even more complicated. With no real work history-I was raising my children, and without the benefit of finishing college; I find myself in a dire situation. My friend suggested work at home medical transcription jobs. I have researched the courses and the job information and the first thing I thought was, "I could do this." The work will not be dull, instead it is challenging and interesting. The jobs in medical transcription will give me the tools I need to provide for my children and myself. I can also have a career! Something that I have wanted all this time can become a reality. Medical Transcription opens a door for me that no other career choice I have researched has been able to open. When you look into "work from home" offers, they usually turn out to be scams. I don’t need to get rich quick, I need stability. Medical Transcription is an honest and actual career. The opportunity to work at home will enable me to make a salary and still be able to be able to care for my children. I live in a very rural area and daycare is not available. SN:0TG9Y2ESY Medical Transcription takes that worry away because I can work my own hours and I will be comfortable in my office-my home! Not only will I be able to work, I will be a part of something important-the medical field. I will have the chance to learn a trade that is unique and my skills will be needed. I visited several websites offering Medical Transcription. Future MT was the most informative website I researched. It was also extremely easy to navigate, making it more effective. I chose to pursue my education through this medium because of the user-friendly set up and also because I felt like they really wants to help its students be successful. Instead of having to fill out forms in the hopes that I would get some information, they provide it. Also, there are ways to contact someone if extra questions are needed to be addressed. The more I read the more I saw that this is not only the way of the web site, but that the entire course through them will be thorough. I am comfortable saying that when I finish my coursework through them, I will be prepared to start my career. I will be affiliated with an accredited business, instead of having to worry that I am throwing my money away on a sham. Another factor that made me want to be a part of them is the open enrollment. I will not have to wait for the next class nine months down the road; I can begin as soon as I am ready! My shortest-term goal is to be enrolled with Future MT. From there I want to really learn my trade. I will work hard and learn everything I can to be successful. I do not want to just rush through my book, but I do want to learn as quickly as possible. When I have my education, I want to be able to say that I really know what I am doing. I want to be an informed and successful student so that I can be an informed and successful Medical Transcriptionist. I will continue to learn throughout my career so that I am always on top of my career. After my education is complete, I will want to start working immediately. I would love to have a good, dependable client base. I can mix local contacts with ones abroad. I will work my way up until I can have a business of my own. This is not something I want to do just to fill in some time; this is what I want to do with my life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: