UnCategorized Have you ever eaten too much? Most of us have at one time or another. And, after eating too much, how do you feel? Are you ready emotionally, mentally and physically to be as productive as you can be? Overeating and failure in small business have a lot in common. Starting up your own business or running your own business is like having your own restaurant. You get to create the menu of activities for your business. Also, and this is very important, you get to decide, in terms of allocating your time and resources how much of the particular menu items you are going to eat. Some business owners are extremely gifted at sales. They will spend too much time in sales and not have the systems in place to deliver the product or service as the business grows. On the other side some business owners are very detail and analysis oriented. They spend much of their time and energy in these areas when they need to invest more time in the sales and marketing. In both instances, the small business growth that they seek will not happen over the long term. Misplaced appetites or hunger can KILL a small business. The key to keeping your momentum and forward movement in business is to understand where you may have a misplaced appetite or hunger. Back in the 14th century, Raynald III was a duke in what is present day Belgium. He was known by his Latin nickname of "Crassus," which means fat. He had a violent quarrel with his younger brother, Edward. In a palace coup, Edward overthrew Raynald. Edward’s supporters wanted him to kill Raynald. Instead, Edward built a room with normal sized windows and doors around Raynald. Everyday, Edward’s servants would bring Raynald a sumptuous feast which Raynald willingly ate. Edward promised Raynald that he would return his title and property if he lost enough weight to fit through the door and leave the room. People accused Edward of being cruel to his brother. He told them he was not being cruel. Edward said, "My brother is not a prisoner. He can get out when he wills." Sadly, Raynald never left the room. He can get out when he wills. Take the story of Raynald and his misplaced appetites and hunger and apply it to your small business. Look at where you feel trapped, stuck or overwhelmed. More often than not, a misplaced appetite or hunger took you to this point. The good news is that in many instances the situations that are holding you back from the small business growth you desire can be changed by altering your appetite in terms of time and resources. Small business success starts with your thinking. Like Raynald, if you are trapped with a misplaced appetite or hunger, you can get out. When you change your thinking you will change your habits. When you change your habits you will change your activities. And when you change your activities it will change your results. And when you change your results it will change your life. Use this formula. Know your appetites and hungers. When you do you will have a formula for growing small business that works. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: