" Ella live " Hebe: back to their fans an apology Pro Hebe Tian Sina entertainment Hebe Tian (Hebe[micro-blog) after 3 years to launch a new album "Daily" acclaimed, recently busy concert tour, did not expect the day before the concert in Guangzhou, there were fans in the audience while watching Ella Chen (Ella[micro-blog) broadcast the film, even issued a document to Tag her, let Hebe Tian feel not respected, so she blew bear too emotional, harsh words to say after the fans, sincerely apologize to her, Hebe Tian also generous to accept and respond are "self", a warm heart. In the Hebe Tian gas explosion after posting, the fans had deleted posts, apologize to the goddess with, "Hebe, sorry! This is a really bad time to disappoint you. Back in reflection, will do a undivided attention respect justice and abide by the laws treat each thing people, respect everyone. Thank you for your instruction. I’m sorry to bother you." Hebe Tian fans have introspection, also personally in the message at the reply "because that is their own people, so I have something to say, and the message I hope everyone can understand each other, more intimate call each other" without emotion to appreciate with good sleep, see Hebe Tian fans when their own people, feel sweet first, did not love the wrong person. (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: