Uniformed "shuawei Feng"? Shiyan police arrested this year, three false police — Hubei Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn Shiyan on 14 October, the network reported the Shiyan Municipal Public Security Bureau Yunyang District branch of Tan Hill police station Jia Shi false police arrested, unexpectedly in October 13th, Jia and arrested a police officer found, dressed in police uniforms to the police station to apply for household registration business of fake police this is this year, Jia police captured third false police! In October 13th 11 pm, Yama police station residence hall to a middle-aged man dressed in police uniform standard, the account of the "bang" fell on the table, said loudly: "give me a card!" This is caused by the side of the police instructor Sheng Fei, Jia Shi’s attention, after secretly check, the man is dressed in standard uniforms coat, but wearing badges are not standardized, encoding 055007 does not match with the alarm, Shiyan city public security police alarm at the beginning of encoding, wearing white shoes, there are police casual wear mix mistakes. Two people immediately suspected that it is not a formal police, Jia Shi quietly open the law enforcement recorder to preserve evidence, and to ask the specific circumstances. The man claiming to be Lingmou, admit that he is not the police, dressed in police uniforms, uniforms are said not to regard it as right to shirk, years of friends. Police asked his friend’s name, but his words flashing. The police immediately summoned verbally Lingmou, and launched a detailed inquiry, the original, Lingmou because of theft was sentenced to 12 years in prison, after a period of time when the chance of the security period to 300 yuan to buy a set of uniforms, the home to apply for identity cards, feel very dressed in "prestige", want to get high, they wear uniforms came to the police station for business, but did not expect to be caught in the police station. Learned that his behavior constituted illegal use of illegal police uniforms, police signs, 43 year old Lingmou was scared to cry on each other’s shoulder. After police persuasion, he law, to calm down the emotions, expressed remorse for their actions, the police want a lighter punishment. At present, the case is under further investigation, police sources are also being further verification. (Zhang Jun) share to: (commissioning editor: Zhang Pei, Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: