2 year old boy fire channel window fell dead neighbor window stone to pay the loss of two years old boy from the District of 5 and a half of the fire window fell down after the death of the scene, but left a piece of stone should not appear in the 230 thousand…… A claim amount of up to 115 yuan of litigation to expand. Zhu and his wife Wu Moujun is Shanghai workers, in 2013, the couple as "old parents" gave birth to son Rui rui. By the end of 2015, two year old Rui Rui 12 building from the second half of the window of the fire channel fell, unfortunately fall dead 5. After the transfer of control, police investigation, Zhu couple that is a stone lack of property management responsibility and 5 floor window of the lead to tragedy. They put the property and the stones placed on a neighbor to court, requiring the two defendants jointly compensate more than 115 yuan. Upon trial, the Pudong New Area court sentenced the property and assume responsibility for 20% yuan, the compensation of more than 23 yuan. Two defendants refused to appeal, was dismissed, the judgment has now entered into force. Before the incident, monitoring, building 12, the door is open, the child alone into the floor, take the elevator downstairs after repeated from the 4 floor into the fire channel, and from the 5 floor of the fire channel window half falling. The police investigation, the 5 floor window open fire channel system, below the window and a 0.15 meter high stone, through the scene fingerprints, footprints, and other signs of climbing judgment, Ruirui may be on the climb up the window after the misfortune falls on the stone. Two plaintiffs believe that Rui Rui height of only 0.8 meters, the windows of the high of 1.05 meters, if the yuan is not placed under the window stone, the child can not climb the window and fall dead. At the same time, the property company did not guard the door in a timely manner, did not promptly clean up the fire channel, the monitoring room also failed to detect danger, should bear the liability. The property that building fire channel window to meet safety standards, no relevant provisions must be installed protection measures; at the same time, the household occupancy has been told not to put debris in the corridor, and neighborhood committees jointly issued a deadline to clean up debris, so it has done to the security obligations. Neighbor Yuan then argued that the plaintiff did not provide clear evidence that the victim is killed from the fire channel window fell down, so the stone placed behavior and the victim’s death there is no causal relationship. The court held that, in this case, according to surveillance video, interview transcripts, photographs and statements of the parties, can confirm the Ruirui Department of riding in the fire channel under the window of stone climbed up the window unfortunately falls to death. The plaintiff as the guardian of Rui Rui, failed to fulfill the duty of guardianship, should bear the responsibility of guardianship. Yuanmou provisions violate the district put a stone in the corridor, the property company failed to take full responsibility for safety management, should bear some liability. Considering all the factors in this case, the discretionary compensation responsibility Yuanmou, the property company will take 20%, two more than 23 yuan compensation for the plaintiff. "" "Shanghai today recommended:" hippocampus "this rain ceased in Shanghai next week over the weekend to rainy Shanghai Nenjiang road through the provision of Engineering: the future can be a way to Pudong along the Baoshan real estate trading center to carry out on-site appointment to eliminate" cattle "fans" foot purchase ticket "big screen can not see to the seller: randomly set online reproduction Shanghai card shoot)相关的主题文章: