2017 national test tomorrow for   to recruit 27 thousand people; the position table information download – Guizhou channel: people.com.cn original title: 2017 in the exam tomorrow for hire 27 thousand position information query and download 2017 annual central organs and institutions directly under the civil service examination work is about to begin, the registration and public subject written examination time have been identified. It is understood that this offer a total of more than and 120 institutions directly under the central authority and its units and participate in the management of the civil service law, plan Zhaolu of more than 2.7 people. Candidates apply for the main network registration, registration time is October 15, 2016 to 24. Position table information query "download" [the central organs of the party and the masses position information download] [the central state administrative organs position information download] [the central state administrative organs directly under institutions (provincial level and below) [] according to the civil servant law management institutions] reminds the examinee to pay attention to the following: Registration (October 15th 8 to 24, 18) candidates can log on website (- Qualification Examination (October 15th to 26) can login KaoLu project website whether through the qualification examination. The registration number (October 28th 8:00) review by qualified personnel can login KaoLu project website registration number. The registration confirmation (9 November 2nd to 7, 16 candidates in the examination site) district examination institutions online registration confirmation and payment. – print ticket (10 November 21st to 27, 12) after the success of the registration confirmation, candidates can log in the selected area examination agency website to download and print the ticket. The public subject written examination written examination time in November 27th. In mid January 2017 when the written test results. (commissioning editor: Gao Hua (Intern), Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章: