The interpretation of   with martial arts and fire; Wu Opera "White Snake" (Figure) – Fujian channel: original title: martial arts and fire art interpretation of Wu Opera "White Snake" (Figure) "White Snake" and fire! Not a recent biography fiery "small bone" version, but last night in Quanzhou theater of Zhejiang Wu Opera version of "White Snake", All seats are occupied.! The Plum Blossom Prize winner Yang Xiayun (in) playing between the green snake night, plum blossom award winner Yang Xiayun from "Mu Guiying" incarnation "snake", a military article, switching freely. After the curtain call, the actors were surrounded by the enthusiasm of the audience, there are flowers, some people find a photo and autograph, the scene is very warm. The text is different from other Wuju opera drama, "the text of Wu" performance characteristics. For example, Xu Xianyi who is kneeling step, hanging hair, qiangbei, Hooper high difficulty. Xiaoqing, white snake, snake goddess, display theanthropism dance. Third "Dragon Boat Festival" later, after the male Yellow Wine scene, with body movements white snake, lighting and props appeared on behalf of snake, showed dramatic conflict. Fourth "Kunlun" and "Pirates of grass" water overflows golden hill white snake and green snake and monks of the battle of wits, skillful use of fellow actor action let the audience bursts of applause. "White Snake" is based on the famous folk legend. Folklore and literary works of "White Snake" ending in Wu, diversity, two people eventually make a happy ending. The "broken bridge" in the traditional opera in the well-known ninety percent off Wu, known as "the best in all the land bridge". The stage of action and Wu, with a variety of opera performances and kung fu skills, have plenty of joy downtown scene, a traumatic tumbling, impressive martial arts skills. Liu said the audience, was impressed by the actor’s good Kung Fu Wu, flexible jump and somersault movements are very light. Even the impression in the literature but the "White Snake", with the hard work, have a different feeling. The audience on Guo and his wife had two night to hold the field in "Wu, play JINWOZI Quanzhou, the couple usually have little theatre, but is the first time to see wu. 12 evening after reading Mu Guiying, the old man was fascinated by the scene to the scene of the two. "Mu Guiying is the famous ancient female actors on the stage, Kung Fu is really good, and Qiang Qiang is very lively." Old Guo said, Wu big scenes, actors, impressed him, so yesterday evening the two old people decided to continue holding the field of wu. By sea art festival held in Quanzhou the opportunity to appreciate the essence of other theatrical performances, as Quanzhou fans, old Guo feel very happy. See notice in October 14th in Chongqing city of Sichuan Opera Theatre of classical opera "Li Yaxian" Jinjiang Drama Center Taiwan Yixin Opera Troupe "MACKIE kick tribute? "Quanzhou Gaojia Opera Theatre Singapore Rongru music society" Tao treasure bow romance "October 15th Quanzhou Normal University music hall Indonesia national art school" Gkhooorg "Quanzhou Preschool Education College of University of the Arts, Hanoi Vietnam Hanoi Art Association" pig)相关的主题文章: