Palmer is the winner of the book market winner – Culture – People’s original title: Palmer is the winner of the book market winner in 2016, in the end what Nobel Prize winner welcomed by Chinese readers? The answer is revealed: China writer Mo Yan still occupy an important position, but also other authors in recent years winning got high attention of the reader, fully shows that the book market in the "love" of nature. A list of the top 20 Jingdong book display, 2015 Nobel laureate, Belarus writer Alexeyevich, there are 6 works on the list, Nobel Prize 2014 French writer Patrick? Modiano on the list of 4 works, the winners of the 2013 Canadian writer Alice Monroe on the list? There are two works, the winners of the 2012 Chinese writer Mo Yan on the list of 4 works. Nobel prize for literature on the role of book sales significantly. Alexeyevich works in sales on Amazon Chinese, after winning a month than winning one month before the growth of nearly 74 times; Patrick? Modiano’s works show 240 times a month in sales in the period after the award was announced growth; Ai Lisi? Monroe’s works in sales, after winning a month sales more than a month before the award an increase of nearly 1500 times. However, according to the recent publication of Jingdong books in recent ten years (2006-2015) to obtain the Nobel Prize winning writer and his works sales results, the Turkey writer Palmer screen should laugh. Jingdong sales data show that from 2007 to 2011 to win the Nobel Prize winning writer and his works into the sales of TOP20. But in the TOP20 list, the 2006 Nobel Prize winner Pascal screen has 4 works on the list. This year, the new book "strange things in my head" continues to sell, but also led to the sales of other writers. Palmer is the real winner of the book market, maintaining a 10 year sales force and influence. (Chen Yuan, Shiyao commissioning editor: soup)相关的主题文章: