Woman robbed after robbers but require the moon cake away, she’s playing what tricks? Weekend ticket brother circle appeared a lot of "Zhuangshennonggui" friends, I realized that the original halloween. Really, girls do not think brother’s thought of horror makeup. As long as you dare not make up, every day can be halloween…… When it comes to Halloween this year, only to take the following brother (@ son Yang Erhua): the Shenzhen international school dressed up as KFC Grandpa, after school to go to dinner kfc. Reduction degree of 100 percent, to see the death of the founder of a sudden inspection, the staff is estimated to be scared…… It is said that he later went to McDonald’s, went to the door and then shook his head and walked away…… Too much to play, the headmaster of the next school is the time cos a McDonald’s uncle fell in love with him first kill! How to also want to understand the rules. The afternoon of October 27th, when a man into the room to prepare food for panda keepers, climb the fence jumped into the Jiangxi Nanchang zoo giant panda, near the sleeping giant panda to tease it. Unexpectedly, he was under pressure to hold the panda thigh, the man repeatedly tried to resist, were pressed to move. The season for a while, the man ran out to catch the chance. Can not help but want to give the panda with a sound: Daddy to my new toy, pretty wild ~ don’t look adorable rolling love to sell would underestimate the fighting capacity of good? I have a family name bears the word ah! The panda bite after the polar bears and brown bears flush to three or four wolves when the cushion is focused on wild pandas also play! Eat! Meat! This time, even if you are lucky, catch up with the big uncle in a good mood, or the outcome may be more tragic. Don’t expect the panda was killed because of you, after all, a lot of unruly love dead people, so only a few pandas. The guy with the car in the Tiger Park before the woman may be lost Pro siblings, are "not dead uncomfortable Lipinski people". It is strongly recommended that major scenic spots and venues to launch a network of black list, from the source to reject such low quality tourists. Let’s say things are best to travel around the brain, otherwise it is easy to make a joke here or not eating culture loss…… It is never too old to learn, let’s focus on a Nanjing adult self news. 29, a car to the examination of the candidates to block rain late due to the panic, he will cross the vehicle parked in front of the school, then ran off to the test sites, being near the police to stop nursing exam. Who knows, the candidates actually put the key to the police in the hands of a throw, so that the traffic police to help stop the vehicle, he finished the test and then take the car. See a mark on the head of police Milo: when my Valet? However, the traffic police will really stop the car parked on the roadside, after the exam, the key will be returned to the candidates and criticized the education. The police still too good, for brother stopped after he came back with a ticket, a hand in money…… Traffic police Rio warm heart, but this guy’s practice is not desirable, he was late to the police to pay for you? If everyone is like you, the police will not be able to do their jobs. Someone on the job is too hard. Recently, Nanjing Arts Institute students broke the news of the school:相关的主题文章: