Zheng Shuang "tiny smile" will be "Mawei kill" is the real goddess! The so-called invincible youth, teen bursting with really complex shape can seckill all. The stars are already well versed in this method, the girl status play they have with you. That is the most suitable for summer horsetail hair, fresh and dynamic, but they are sticking out of the campus goddess, why do we always feel great? Because we all think of the ponytail too simple! Not just the ponytail hair will be nice (unless the yen value has been comparable to the campus Belle Click to play GIF 1841K) today hides her sister skills come out to tell you how to see a ponytail best face high ponytail Masson decided the height not see mood, but face to face is more round (chin on both sides of the meat more), to improve the visual focus of high ponytail, will face. Face longer, you can tie down some, it does not seem so long face. Beautiful oval face can tie at any height. Two hair straight hair or curly hair pretty decided to Hang Shun Masson, first down to dynamic hair more supple good hair, hair color is deep and shiny, you can tie up the hair. Natural hair is soft, or bad hair without burnish, then tie up the first hot out suggestions. Lively and dynamic, can make the disadvantages into advantages. Good will appear hair knot ponytail, ponytail must hair care and adjustment. Straight hair to comb the hair with styling gel; or hair oil in the hair volume on the scratch, WidePlus or spray lotion, keep the curls up in stereo. The three volume decided to tie hair elastic tie hair do not close to the scalp, forehead hair left a few strands of hair volume can cover the face, hair can be tied, otherwise easy to spread out their hair weight. Hair less, must tie fluffy hair, not put on the head is very thin, not good-looking. All don’t tie hair close to the scalp, hair fluffy body becomes large, only the more face! Finally sent a few nice tie tips: 1 Masson Tips let two gadget stands tall with two Masson hairpin vertical don’t change to the root of Masson, trend, can make more masson. Can also use the small butterfly hairpin, the root part is on two masson. Clip in the middle, and then covered with hair. Very suitable for hair less, not only let Mawei stand up, and is more fluffy. Tips: 2 bar two Masson will look like a longer and more dense Masson put the head of a part of the hair with the comb after playing loose tie up to the top of the head, and then put the following the rest of hair in the first ponytail, two Masson stacked together more and more long hair. Tips 3: let Mawei is not easy to loose tie partition method相关的主题文章: