NDRC: China and Japan should reduce social security rates over five social insurance and one housing fund original title: "to reduce the burden of five social insurance and one housing fund" reducing labor costs 29, the national development and Reform Commission website published a research report from the Commission of Social Development Research Institute, said China’s current enterprise employees five social security total rate to total wages of employees 39.25% in thirteenth, included in the statistics of 173 countries and regions. According to the report, "five social insurance and one housing fund" long-term rates high makes China’s manufacturing industry is facing a huge challenge. Adjust the five social insurance and one housing fund payment level, it is an important measure to reduce the burden of production and operation of enterprises. The present situation in our country to hire 1 workers can be hired in Indonesia 3.5 currently around 10% to 24% of the housing fund, China’s "five social insurance and one housing fund" nominal rate has reached about 60%. This research report, China’s "five social insurance and one housing fund" long-term rates remain high, plus the remains to be perfect and to determine the contribution base growth mechanism, as to the enterprise labor costs continued to rise and the impact of production and an important factor in stable operation, so that China’s manufacturing industry competitive advantage discount. Analysis of the report, the cost of employing 1 workers in China, in Thailand can employ up to 1.5, in Philippines can employ up to 2.5 in Indonesia can hire up to 3.5. This makes China’s labor cost advantage has been replaced by Southeast Asian countries. To reduce the burden of enterprise payment level can be transformed into income report analysis, reasonable adjustment of five social insurance and one housing fund payment level, the establishment of a more fair and reasonable rate decision mechanism, is to reduce the burden of production and operation of enterprises, control labor costs rose too fast, an important measure to promote the optimal allocation of labor resources, which is conducive to steady growth, promoting employment structural adjustment. At the same time, without affecting the level of treatment of the insured, reduce enterprise and worker current payment level, to stimulate enterprise vitality, promote the enterprise income distribution and compensation reform, and provides an opportunity to improve their current wage income. According to China’s social insurance fund collection income preliminary estimates, cut social security contribution rate policy the annual burden for enterprises of more than 100 billion yuan, the proportion of housing provident fund deposit down enterprises annually 40 billion yuan burden for enterprises, the comprehensive measures of lightening effect in 150 billion yuan, greatly reducing the labor costs of enterprises, for the enterprise burden and "deregulation" played a positive role, and is conducive to boosting enterprise restructuring and upgrading and innovation development. The report said that in 50%, the enterprise burden ratio were transformed into investment income of workers and enterprises, according to the projections of past investment and consumption and GDP elastic relationship, and deduct the offset effect of the policy, can pull the 2016 GDP growth of about 0.137 percentage points. View of social insurance premiums and financial rate is high or not too much Chinese grants related to insurance institute executive director, former dean of the Central University of Finance and Economics College of insurance professor Hao Yansu said in an interview with reporters JINGWAH times, China’s social security total higher rates, with our current financial burden is too large, not too much on social security subsidies. 1 how to increase social security contributions? Restrictive factors are unlikely to play Su Hao Hao believes that the current number of countries in the world welfare social security system, is based on a large number of financial investment.相关的主题文章: