Depression has become suicide "the number one killer", depression patients how to save themselves, September 10th is teacher’s day, but few people know, this day is also the world suicide day. On the evening of September 16th, the news of the death of Qiao Renliang, a 28 year old male star, was confirmed on the Internet. Micro-blog was paralyzed by the explosion for several hours, and the cause of death was traced to suicide. When a celebrity commits suicide because of depression, people mention this word, but many people don’t know the difference between depression and depression. For the negative energy of suicide, many people at most on the surface of the hypocrisy of a candle, the bones are full of contempt for such a weak person. Suicide has become the fifth leading cause of death in China, and is the leading cause of death in young adults. 80% of them are from depression, and only 9% of the people in psychiatric treatment, depression has become the "number one killer", Dutch act of depression patients how to save themselves? Depression is not a "sentimental disease" a lot of people think that depression is a kind of "hypocritical" disease, is satiate the blind to cause. This is actually a misunderstanding, in fact, depression is affecting the normal life, learning, work and interpersonal relations executioner. This disease can lead to suicidal or hurtful tendencies. The causes of depression are generally considered to be genetic, biochemical, environmental, and personality factors. Depression is a brain rust, depression is divided into mild depression and severe depression, mild depression can be accompanied by depression, non gregarious, stray, physical discomfort, loss of appetite and sleep disorders. The patients with severe depression appears to be pessimistic and worldweary and despair, Dutch act behavior of hallucination, dysfunction, and severe. Director of Department of psychiatry, Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University professor Ji Jianlin had the brains of depressed patients compared to a rusty car, "depression brain is like a rusty machine, although the movement is slow, but there is no lack of spare parts, no organic disease. Therefore, the treatment is also easier than the heart, liver and other organic diseases. Professor Ji Jianlin is the metaphor of the image, the main purpose is to tell patients and their families, depression is a cure for the disease. Depression requires self treatment, depression is the heart of the cold, old saying, heart disease also need heart medicine. Mental health center of Shanghai Wang Zhen said that once a lot of people suffer from depression, often first from their own personality to find reasons, think that depression is caused by their own character defects. In fact, it is more important to find out your own character and accept your own character than to find out what is wrong. Instead of treating depression as a pure bad thing, think of it as an opportunity to better understand your true self and improve your personality. Mild patients with general depression can be relieved by self treatment. Self treatment includes the following: exercise more, work more, play more, develop more hobbies, and communicate more with others. Avoid the risk factors of depression attack, such as emotional attack, work and study pressure, social interpersonal relationship, etc.. Should cooperate with doctors for psychological treatment or antidepressant treatment, do a good job of psychological treatment. The incidence is related to psychological factors and the effect of psychotherapy

抑郁症已成自杀“头号杀手” 抑郁症患者如何自救9月10日是教师节,但鲜有人知道,这天也是世界防自杀日。9月16日晚上,网上曝出28岁男明星乔任梁去世的消息,得到多方证实,微博被刷爆以至于瘫痪几小时,其死因被曝可能是抑郁症自杀。每当有名人因为抑郁症自杀的时候,人们便会提到这个词,但很多人都搞不清楚忧郁症何抑郁症的区别。对于自杀这种负能量的事情,很多人顶多表面上点根虚伪的蜡烛,骨子里充满着对这类弱者的鄙视。 自杀已成为我国人群第五大死因,是青壮年人群的首位死因。其中80%是由抑郁症引起,而仅有9%的人在精神科就诊过,抑郁症已成自杀“头号凶手”,抑郁症患者要如何自救?抑郁症不是一种“矫情病”很多人觉得抑郁症就是一种“矫情病”,都是吃饱喝足后瞎想造成。这其实是一种误读,其实抑郁症是影响正常生活、学习、工作和人际关系的刽子手。这种疾病严重的话会导致患者有自杀或伤人的倾向。关于抑郁症产生的原因,一般认为是遗传因素、生物化学因素、环境因素和性格因素造成的。抑郁症是大脑生了锈抑郁症分为轻度抑郁症和重度抑郁症,轻度抑郁症可伴有情绪低落、不合群、离群、躯体不适、食欲不振及睡眠障碍。而重度抑郁症患者会出现悲观厌世、绝望、幻觉妄想、功能减退、并伴有严重的自杀行为。复旦大学附属中山医院心理医学科主任季建林教授曾将抑郁症患者的大脑比作一部生锈的汽车,“抑郁症患者的大脑就像生了锈的机器,虽然运转迟缓,但并没有零部件的缺少,没有器质性的疾病。因此,治疗起来也比心脏、肝脏坏了等器质性疾病要容易一些。季建林教授之所以做这个形象的比喻,最主要的目的是告诉患者和家属,抑郁症是可以治疗治愈的疾病。抑郁症需要自我治疗抑郁症是心灵的感冒,古话说,心病还需心药医。上海市精神卫生中心心身科王振表示,很多人一旦患上了抑郁症,往往首先从自己的性格方面找原因,认为抑郁症是由自己的性格缺陷造成的。但其实认识自己的性格、接纳自己的性格远比找出“缺陷”重要,与其把抑郁症看作是一件纯粹的坏事,倒不如把它当作一个更好的认识真正自我和完善自己性格的契机。一般抑郁症的轻度患者可以通过自我治疗缓解,自我治疗方法包括以下几种:多运动、多做事、多玩乐、多发展兴趣爱好、多和人交流。规避抑郁症发作的种种危险因素,如,情绪打击、工作学习压力、社会人际关系等。应配合医生进行心理治疗或抗抑郁药治疗,做好心理治疗作业。发病与心理因素有关,心理治疗效果较好。如果有想死的念头,应让家属和医生了解,以便提供及时帮助。抑郁症中度患者需要配合抗抑郁的药物,主要包括选择性5-羟色胺再摄取抑制剂、5-羟色胺和去甲肾上腺素再摄取抑制剂、去甲肾上腺素和米氮平等。若有自杀倾向及自杀行为的患者属于重度患者,必须住院治疗,进行综合性干预,待病情稳定可以出院继续药物治疗。抑郁症只是心灵的感冒,人人都会被负能量影响,走出抑郁症的阴霾,你会发现,阳光和未来都在。而那些温暖和感动也从未离开。抑郁症患者要学会自救,不要轻易放弃生命。(本文综合自健康时报网、搜狐健康)(健康时报网)相关的主题文章: