The concept of entertainment | Song Dongye drugs, lack of domestic folk rhetoric is the lack of soul _ entertainment _ Tencent (now the entertainment Zhuangao heaven) in October 13, 2016, American rock and folk artist Bob · Dylan was awarded the Nobel prize for literature. "Bob ·," said the award, "brings a new poetic expression to the great American song tradition." On the same day, Chinese folk singer Song Dongye was arrested because of drug use. Some critics jokingly, foreign folk singer took Nobel, the domestic folk singer into the police station. A simple folk singer with the world folk and rock double master Bob · the new generation; Dylan is obviously unfair, even compared with contemporary American pop folk singer workers, there are still a number of domestic level gap. It is worth pondering that, given by the Swedish Academy of Bob · the reasons for winning the award of the president, not the music level of the great achievements, but because he gave the song to bring poetic expression of the way of the". Many commented that the Nobel Prize this time to the soul and not rhetoric, this is not the point: Bob · Dylan himself once said, I feel myself a poet first and a musician. Not even talk about Bob · the poetry of Dylan published the genuine goods at a fair price, only by the literature, the lyrics of pop culture carrier Bob · Dylan would be crowned the world literature laureate. The rebel independence and the civil rights movement, the hippie subculture, the beat generation, these labels, from the beginning of the last century in 60s, produced 40 albums, written more than 400 songs by Bob · Dylan’s creation history, almost is the United States several generations of the history of spiritual growth. He was writing or abstruse or wonderful or unrestrained in poetic lyrics, also has a strong realistic referential and humanistic care. "Like a Rolling Stone" of the famous "Rolling Stone", let (rolling stone), the band became the name of the record company, has become the label of pop words; "Blowin’In The Wind" (flying answer in the wind) stunning beginning "a man called the number of road to go up, man" already became one of many poetry and lyrics, write the authors describe the classic sentence. The theme of the work involves a wide range of text expression changes with amazing precision polymorphism, the dissemination of popular music unique, let these words go beyond the traditional literature, truly entered the era of mass culture, popular literature. The great poet’s life in the struggle, struggle with the pressure of the times, the mediocre inner expectations and inertia, and the world refused to compromise. For the first time he rebelled against the folk guitar and was regarded as a traitor by the folk world, and he started the great road of folk rock and roll. As the poet Bob · he, in the creation of the "The Times Are A-Changin’" such a great work, repeatedly against their own, write Highway 61 Revis They.相关的主题文章: