A street in Shaanxi to the polls to "teach" or "false answer for public opinion" – Beijing recently, parents have Hanbin District Xincheng street health city of Shaanxi broke the news on the Internet, children’s school issued a "Hanbin District Commission by Metro office area students parents initiative" to parents. The petition cited provincial and municipal, District Bureau of public opinion survey line may be asked questions, and the answers are given in every issue. In this regard, Metro Office commission a staff member told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, the proposal was issued by them, given above poll answers, just a reference to the public, not necessarily according to the above answer. Some experts believe that the investigation to the public with an answer, the final conclusion of the public opinion is likely to be false public opinion, and thus make decisions may be biased with reality. The issue of public opinion survey questions are included in the answer provided in accordance with the recommendations of the parents photos, the initiative to encourage parents to do with the street together to create peace Metro activities. In addition, the proposal on the other side wrote, after receiving provincial and municipal, District Bureau of public opinion survey line access, "your answer will show the social civilization metro, attract foreign investment, the project landing entirely on your word lists four questions, with answers. BYD reporter noted that these four questions include "what safe where you live?" "In our province to carry out urban" create safe Shaanxi "and" excellent comprehensive city "and" Ping Hanbin ‘activity, you know?" "Excuse me, what is your overall image of the legal system?" What is the term "two rate"?" The answer to the first question and the third question is "safe" and "good"". A resident of the town streets said a few days ago, their children are in primary school, and he received the school sent the proposal, see the proposal behind wrote a public opinion survey line, also lists the public opinion survey line will want to ask 4 questions and corresponding answers. The polls have the answer, this opinion is reflected in where?" In addition, there are people said that this approach is too formalistic "," get the written proposal I did not look carefully, directly on the sign ". The answer is just a reference response to the afternoon of November 2nd, the Town Commission for an office staff told reporters BYD, the proposal was issued by them, release time for the end of October. The staff said that the provincial, city and District Bureau of public opinion poll will be carried out at the end of the year, usually through a fixed line telephone call to the area of the public. The opinion polls given on the proposal, just to the public a reference, not necessarily according to the above answer to answer. "If you do not have the answer, some people may not know what the investigation is about and how to answer it. Our answer is only a reference, then the public must be in accordance with their own ideas to answer "," the proposal down, is the hope that we can understand the people’s livelihood and cohesion content, because some people usually do not involve the cyanine相关的主题文章: