Arts-and-Entertainment One of the latest control boxes to hit the market has been developed by PROAIM and it features the 360 degree tilting and panning of the head. This particular device is able to tilt and pan the cameras very accurately and smoothly using great joystick control. The heads creative moments are .pletely taken advantage of if you use heavy duty film cranes such as the Kessler Jib and the Jimmy Jib tripods, or another type of remote operating situation. The Joystick Control Box is capable of working on 12V of power through the AC adapter that is included in the package; additionally, it is very accepting of external power from a 12VDC battery using the 3pinXLR 1.5m cable that is also included in the package. This head is solidly built, and it is also very well designed; in addition to all its gears being made from brass. Packed very carefully in a travelling bag and grey foam packing, it is also rather quick and easy to setup. The weight of this control box is about 10.5 pounds, and the joystick controller, gears and head frame also have a very solid design. High grade metal is used to make the frame, while the XLR cables are attached to the motor and goes very well with the remainder of the frame. Additionally, the gears that are on this particular head are made from high quality and durable materials. The plastic that is used to wrap the head aids in protecting the finish; in addition to this there is a remote head that .es with the actual head, which helps to manage the pan tilt movements thereby allowing you to create some amazing videos. The PAN TILT HEAD kit includes: An instruction manual Carrying case that has custom fit packing AC adapter 4-head mounting screws -inch camera mounting screw 3pinXLR 1.5m long cable (for use with 12VDC battery packs) Control cable (23 feet long) 12V AC adapter Joystick control unit Tilt Head/Gold Pant The unit features a DeadSpot control that aids in determining the joysticks center band, where no movements will take place. By using this feature you will be able to set the unit to your preferred abilities, in order to ensure that no unwanted crossover takes place to the other axis. Another great thing about this unit is that is can be utilized for shooting outdoors occasionally; however, you will need to use it with some type of protection cover such as a fiber sheet or a rain cover. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: