Business Cool! Queen Faye Wong is back and expected to stage concert any day now. This news beyond doubt serves as a refreshing excitant for the majority of fans and injects vigor as well as vitality to this sultry summer. She always goes her own way, disappears in secret and then .e out with fanfare with thrilling concerts. Whats more, she always keep a high profile with strong personality in her career as a poser. But anyway she still stands at the forefront of entertainment circle because she is the queen, and queen will be queen. Time changes everything but her unrivalled voice and established popularity. She is really cool, especially wearing Designer Sunglasses , or rather, the fashion sunglasses stands for her coolness and mien as a big shot. Admittedly, queen is extraordinary with the Sunglasses For Women in the pictures. The topic about the queens .ing back and her concert goes from strength to strength. There is one interesting saying that Queen Faye Wongs successful .ing back results from a valuable tactic, that is, to play hard to get. To be specific, while retiring, she still keeps her mystery as well as fashion index in a moderate way and always .es to the paparazzos sight, which contributes to her reaching the headline with ease. Of course, the tactic makes differences and the think tank striving to push forward Faye Wong deserves lavish praises and admiration, but its the queens unsurpassed .petence and popularity that count most. To date, no one imitating her has been on a par with her, not to mention availed against her. Well, actually looking at the above pictures, queen Faye Wongs taste for sunglasses is totally unique and manifests her personality to the full. I guess its just her striking personality and frankness that attracted her incumbent husband, Yapeng, Li who undoubtedly deserves to be reckoned as the unsung hero for Faye Wongs consistent success. But I wonder why Yapeng, li doesnt tend to wear Sunglasses For Men and be cool like her wife. He doesnt want to steal her wifes focus or he holds a realistic view that her wife is queen and cant be outstripped? Anyway, the answer will elude me forever because I have no access to the famous couple. But it doesnt matter because thats their business not mine. Like other fans, I just care Faye Wongs songs and happiness. Hooray! Queen .es back. However, Ive never presented her concert in all my born days and unfortunately have no chance to attend this time. But I know Faye Wong will .e back again and queen will be queen when I attend her concert in person in the days to .e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: