"9? 11" bill hit mesago   Saudi Arabia: frozen or formal relations with the United States — people.com.cn Guangxi channel — people.com.cn original title: "9? 11" bill hit between the US Saudi Arabia or formal relations with the United States to freeze from the office only 3 months, the United States President Obama Ku bitter stopping let the country’s "9? 11" terrorist attack victims sued the Saudi government that a dramatic comeback: local time on September 28th, the U.S. Congress were more than 97 to 1 and 348 to 77 of the overwhelming majority of votes overthrew Obama on the "9? 11 veto" bill, this is the first time in his presidency by Congress the overthrow of the veto. The news is very large. Saudi television issued a tough response: "Saudi Arabia may freeze and formal official U.S. exchanges, to withdraw trillion dollars from the American economy, and to persuade Saudi Gulf allies take the same attitude, and even freeze cooperation in economic, military, anti – terrorism in the United States and the region." Bahrain’s foreign minister tweeted: "there is no one in the U. S. Congress understand?" Russian experts said that the U.S. Congress’s decision is to let Obama have a failed political career". The United States assistant professor at the University of Dayton, Chen Lijian on the "Global Times" reporter said, very rare is the Democrats to vote for their own party presidential vote, the election is approaching, the overall trend of the American people from the middle to the left center right, "this matter may herald, Trump was elected to the possibility of change." [global times in the United States, the Egyptian special correspondent Zhang Penghui Han Xiaoming has Liu Yupeng Global Times reporter Gao Ying Hu Jinyang] (commissioning editor Pang Guanhua and Chen Lulu)相关的主题文章: