Dalian, a woman with a knife stabbing in the shanty district chief reporter Wen boyfriend Wan Heng         visual news reporter Zhang Yu yesterday morning about 8:30, murder occurred in a shanty town near Ganjingzi Nanguanling Xiwa: a middle-aged man was stabbed to death in a shantytown on potholed roads. Witnesses said the assailant was actually a woman. Yesterday, reporters learned from our city police, the suspect Zhang has been arrested on the spot. Preliminary hearing was informed that Zhang and the deceased are male and female friends, because of emotional conflicts, she stabbed her boyfriend with a knife. Yesterday, reporters arrived at the scene, the police have cordoned off the scene. The incident was a shanty town near the west of nanguan. Reporters noted that the remains of the dead are located on the roadside of shanty towns, many nearby residents around the side of the discussion. Some residents said, yesterday morning around 8:30, he saw a man and a woman quarrel in the road entangled. "The man is the dead."." The resident said he saw the woman take out a knife and stab him at the man. Subsequently, the man can not afford to fall. "Listening to their arguments is like emotional dispute."   the reporter noticed that many migrant workers lived in the incident. After police intervention, quickly control the scene and investigate. Yesterday, the reporter learned from our city police, 8:30, Ganjingzi District, South Gate ridge west area homicide case occurred. After receiving the report, the police immediately disposed of the scene, the suspect Zhang (female) on the spot control. After preliminary investigation, Zhang because of conflicts and disputes with a knife stabbed his boyfriend Yang died. At present, the case is under further investigation.     大连一女持刀在棚户区内捅死男友 事发现场   文首席记者万恒    图本报记者张瑜   昨日上午8时30分左右,甘井子区南关岭西洼附近一处棚户区发生一起命案:一名中年男子被刺死在坑洼不平的棚户区道路上。目击者称,行凶者居然是一名女子。昨日记者从我市警方获悉,犯罪嫌疑人张某已经被当场抓获。初步审讯获悉,张某与死者是男女朋友关系,因感情矛盾纠纷,她持刀刺死男友。   昨日记者赶到现场时,民警已经将现场封锁。事发地是南关岭西洼附近的一片棚户区。记者注意到,死者的遗体位于棚户区路边,不少附近居民围在一边议论纷纷。有住户称,昨日早上8时30分左右,他看到一男一女在路上争吵纠缠。“男的就是死者。”这位住户称,他看到女子掏出一把尖刀,刺向男子。随后男子倒地不起。“听他们的争吵内容,好像是感情纠纷。”    记者注意到,事发地居住了不少外来打工者。警方介入后,迅速控制现场并展开调查。昨日记者从我市警方获悉,8时30分,甘井子区南关岭西洼地区发生一起命案。接报后,警方立即临场处置,将犯罪嫌疑人张某(女)当场控制。经初步调查,张某因矛盾纠纷持刀将其男友杨某捅伤致死。目前,此案正在进一步调查中。  相关的主题文章: