Arts-and-Entertainment A good access control system solution for project plays an important role in the tender. Access control system is a weak integrated wiring systems integration projects in a relatively new, is increasingly a must have intelligent building configuration, access control systems, while not .plex , but many engineers or how to configure and write access to the program is very strange, micro-farming as a Chinese professional manufacturer and developer access, not only to provide products and provide a free how to write access control system of professional guidance and counseling program. 1 describes the access control system Should be concise introduction to access control systems, to let customers know what is access control systems, access control system .ponents, access control system function and role. Better to have an access control system network topology diagram. Detailed product parameters to see whether customers are required. 2 Introduction and Qualification Should avoid weaknesses in the performance of the .pany’s strength and expertise to the customer, the best there is more agreeable to the business philosophy of customer description. Qualification Certificate at any rate to have a few. Customers are not sure to what you have certificates, but customers used to it, the program how to be a certificate, the best solution will be attached to the back of a copy, including the color pages look thick. 3 design principles and norms based on Describes the design principles, from the customer point of view, to have focus. Because the customer’s selection approach is different, some value the quality of the advanced nature of some value, some value, some value the powerful cost-effective, be sure to describe the investment its good. design is often based on some standard names, maybe you do not understand how it is, but you still put them listed here. to show authority and norms. 4 Typical customer lists and model projects Chinese people have such a consumer psychology, we all use things, should not be bad to go. Go to a restaurant is, if the restaurant you are sure no one dare enter. So a typical list of customers better, if you own is not enough to borrow the manufacturers list of clients to take care, if the client is the industry-specific customers, the industry must put the customer name and other prominent places. model works best to show the configuration according to the customer, if the customer is large-scale access control systems, the model must be a large-scale projects. If the customer is a small access control systems, the model projects small to be large, so that customers have to do since you can do large-scale access to my small should be no problem, do not allow customers to generate large-scale access control you will do my small but you do not access mental. 5 project planning and construction details This is the case according to the specific customer to write, the best should also have maps, customers will be through your careful planning, to determine whether you are professional, whether standard, whether there is strength. The construction period to give yourself more than a certain degree, if there is anything can be .pleted on schedule. 6 equipment list and prices Equipment list must be detailed, each and why to use, how much, to speak clearly, do not attempt to configure more than reported, or under false pretenses, be honest with you, the customer will be more trust you. Prices based on customer properly reported higher consumption habits. Do not report too high, too high will scare away customers, and if reported the . price, customers of a counter-offer, do not you promise not to seem sincere. In addition, construction costs must take , supplies and other costs into account. and make a reasonable budget. Do not be too professional, customer can not read, never a good thing, if you do not write professional, very popular, customers will also have concerns. To do a good grasp of professional and user-friendly sense of proportion. In any case we must look norms and authority. Through professional description of the parameters, references to highlight the relevant standards specifications. Do not be too simple, should try to look thick, heavy. So that customers feel weighty and informative. If not the number of pages of color pages with a copy of the certificate to Minato. Content is also illustrated as much as possible. To describe the visual, it is best illustrated, the text description is too abstract, only increase the psychological upset customers, especially in the software functions, must have pictures to support the interface. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: