UnCategorized The Forex Currency Trading System is a system that most people are just beginning to learn about. Many people want to learn forex online currency trading but they do not know where to begin! Forex brings a new meaning to the word investing! You can use the forex to be your ultimate work from home based business. Why does someone want to learn forex online currency trading? Well probably because they heard that it is one of the fastest ways to make money on the internet today. I believe that this method to make money is faster than affiliate programs, network marketing, selling on eBay, and possibly even faster than many other ways as well. So how can you capitalize on all of this action and learn all about forex and currency trading? I will share with you some of the basics here in this article. The Forex is a 1.5 trillion dollar industry each and every day. When someone travels out of a country and into another country with different currencies, most of the time they will have to exchange their currency at hand into the countries currency that they have .e in to. For example when I traveled to Italy in 2000 from the United States, I had to exchange U.S. Dollars to the Lire, which is now considered to be a part of the Euro Dollar. When I changed my money, I had to take a lesser value to get the other countries currency. Banks, like Bank of America, make money with the Forex each and every day. They make money on the difference between the bid and ask price, which is the buy and sell price. In the Forex, there are many different ways to make money; the one way I will emphasize on is the Spot Market. To begin trading the spot market you have to sign up with a forex broker. One of the best forex brokers I know of is FXCM.. They have excellent customer service, and a great software and easy to use software. The trading desk is very helpful and always able to reach from a contact number. So you can choose which forex broker you want to use, it is really up to you. Then you have to learn your basics. The basics consist of learning the fundamental analysis, and technical analysis. If you do not learn these two then you will never truly learn how to trade the forex market. Fundamental analysis has to do with knowing a countries economic position, such as housing, prices of goods, job markets and much more. Technical analysis has a lot to do with understanding the graphs. Learning how to interpret different graphs to fully be able to understand a trend and which way a currency is forecasted to go in the near term, and long term. There are many different ways to start, but I would suggest you start by reading about candlesticks by the author Steve Nison. Steve Nison explains Candlestick trading very well. Once you master candlesticks, I emphasize on learning about exponential moving averages, which I use on a daily basis, to find my profitable trades. My forex currency trading system consists of visiting Bloomberg.. and dailyfx.. on a daily basis. Once I read my fundamental analysis I move on to technical analysis and setting up my charts with dailyfx.. for free! Then I find my pivot points and if you do not know what pivot points are you should really read about Peter Bain. Then I find my target and I follow my plan. If you are just getting started with Forex Currency Trading, you might want some help getting started. You can visit my website for more free information and if you have any questions feel free to contact me! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: