Travel-and-Leisure When you take your Vegas vacation, be sure to take a chopper tour of the Grand Canyon because they are great fun. Some tours are air-only, but the most exciting ones are the tours that land you in the canyon. Here are a few of my reasons: The West Rim is only 120 miles east of Las Vegas. You’ll get there in a quick 45-minute chopper ride. Flights leave from the Vegas Strip and the airfield at Boulder City, a suburb that’s about a 30-minute shuttle ride away. Tours that leave from the Strip cost more because you have to pay for the convenience of the close airfield. You get another added perk for the additional cost too because the tours that depart from the Strip use a limo to pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. The Canyon Floor You have several choices in tours that fly out of Vegas. The perennial favorite is always the one that lands on the Canyon’s bottom. That’s something you can only do at the West Rim (federal regulations effective at the South Rim prohibit landing on the bottom there) and every West Rim helicopter tour begins at Las Vegas. The helicopter ride to the canyon floor is very exciting and once there, you get to enjoy a Champagne brunch and then explore the area for about 30 minutes on foot. You can even walk the shoreline of the Colorado River. Other popular Las Vegas helicopter tours are the ones that fly at sunset. You are treated to a magnificent view of the sun melting into the canyon as the lights spring to life in Vegas. The Three-In-One Tour Be sure to check out the "three-in-one" tour too because it offers the best tour of all. On this tour, you get to fly to the canyon floor, float down the Colorado River, and time to explore the top of the rim for about 2 1/2 hours. But because it also .es with VIP access to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, I call it the "four-in-one" tour. If you want the "full boat" canyon experience (pun intended), this is the one. Landing tours are all-inclusive, meaning the price includes hotel pick-up and drop-off (shuttle van for Boulder City departures; limousine for Strip takeoffs), the services of a professional guide, lunch, and all applicable Park fees and taxes. Be sure to wear .fortable clothes and dress for the weather since you’ll be walking around the canyon. The West Rim’s summers are hot. Wear good walking shoes, a light shirt with long sleeves, shorts, sunglasses and a hat for shade. Bring extra water and plenty of sun block. Let’s Wrap Up When you’re in Vegas, choose one of the fun tours on Las Vegas helicopters mentioned above. You can’t fly to the South Rim on a chopper from Vegas, but you can go to the South Rim by plane or go by bus and then take a helicopter tour from there. The tours that leave from the Vegas Strip cost more, but they include a fun limo ride too. These tours offer beautiful scenery and fun adventures, so don’t miss out! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: