UnCategorized An electric .muter bike is be.ing the next great green form of transportation for people who .mute to work. Many people choose an electric .muter bike over other forms of green transportation because it is 100 percent emission free. They can also get a little exercise in on their way to work, but not work up too much of a sweat by using the pedal assist. Some can even fold down enough to sit under your desk. The electric .muter bike .es in many different styles and colors. Some also have bells, horns and baskets on the front or racks on the back for your briefcase, purse, or lunch. Many also have the option for an additional battery. This will help give you a bit more distance, but you may have to trade that rack in the back for room for the additional battery. Two main types of electric bikes are throttle based or pedal assist. Throttle based bikes have twist-grip handle or a lever that causes the bike to receive power from the motor. With this option, you can cruise on purely motor power or use the motor in conjunction with your pedal power. Electric bikes with pedal assist, have no throttle present but power pulls from the motor every time the rider presses down on one of the pedals. Some bikes offer both the throttle and pedal assist. The average power on the electric .muter bike is between 180 watt to 500 watt. Lithium batteries seem to be the best choice for these bikes, because they are lighter. The lifetime of the rechargeable battery is about a year. Charge time can be up to 8 hours. Battery voltage range between 24 to 36volts. The average speed is up to 25 MPH using the motor only. You can go faster using a little of your own pedal power. Distance with the bike will really vary depending on the bike you purchase. Some go as little as 10 miles on a full charge. Others go up to 60 miles if you use the pedal assist to only help you up hills. That also depends on the weight of the rider and the terrain you ride on. Most repairs can be done at your local bike shop. You can purchase your electric .muter bike on-line or at your local bike shop. Since green transportation seems to be the way many people are going, local bike shops are getting more and keeping these in stock. They can help you figure out what you need and get you outfitted with the right bike and any protective gear you may need. Most states have helmet laws, so you will need to check with you local DMV regarding laws with your electric bike. Once you have decided that this is the bike for you, you can enjoy getting in some exercise on the way to work without working up too much of a sweat. You can also feel good about the fact that you aren’t only doing something good for you, you are doing something great for the environment since this is a zero emissions form of transportation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: