Ang Lee secret " Billy? Lynn midfielder "   war; the new film will be the introduction of the mainland – Fujian Channel – original title in November: Ang Lee secret " Billy? Lynn midfielder " will introduce the mainland film war; Ang Lee directed new film "Billy in November? Lynn midfield war" plans to introduce the mainland film the market in November this year. The day before, he said at the forum in Taiwan, the Iraq War soldiers as the protagonist of the film is not a lot of people think of "anti war", but simply want to investigate the soldiers of this ethnic group. "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" is the protagonist of a 19 year old boy Billy Lynn, Texas? He joined the U.S. Army was sent to Iraq, escape from death in a great catastrophe on the battlefield. Subsequently, he was recalled in the Bush administration, on Thanksgiving Day football game at half-time and Beyonce and other entertainment stars, and was awarded the medal of honor. After that, however, Billy’s other veterans were sent back to Iraq by the Bush administration…… From the point of view of the subject matter, "Billy and Lynn" in the middle of the war is really like an anti war film. But Ang Lee stressed that his original intention is purely to explore the military population. "Now some people will think I made an anti war film, which is not my original intention, I want to talk about is the military. The army is a stranger to most people. What people think of soldiers doing is different from what they actually do." When it comes to the role of the soldiers in the film, Ang Lee also has its own interpretation: soldiers were told how to survive on the battlefield, but not been told how to survive after the war. I think there is a sense of fate on the military, just like the film, in my case, is a kind of fate." Billy Lynn’s war in the middle of the use of the format of the film greatly beyond the era, reaching an unprecedented 120 4K 3D level. Director Ang Lee said, take higher film frames idea he shot from the "life of Pi" had been brewing: "when I have to take the first contact with the 3D, the first contact with the digital movie. After the photo shoot 24 frames do not see, can not see. Peer director in the 24 frame 3D look at the time, do not feel right." In his view, the film shooting 24 frames is not a fixed, but at the time the technical level of the cheapest choice. (commissioning editor Chen Lanyan and Shi Yunjuan)相关的主题文章: