CMS provides following benefits: * Provides easy management of information as .pared to having hard copies of information. Users can easily access any information anywhere at anytime. * Reduces storage and improve information retrieval speed. * Controls the access of data to different users like public users (outside the .pany), internal users (like employees, staff). * Allows large number of users to collaborate on information based activities. There are large numbers of content management systems that are available both in open source as well as in proprietary category. Some of the freely available CMS are as follows: In PHP * WordPress * Joomla * Drupal * Mambo * PHP-Fusion * PHP-Nuke * Merlintalk * MiaCMS * Midgard CMS In ASP.NET * DotNetNuke .munity Edition * Umbraco * mojoPortal In Java * jAPS * OpenCms * Liferay * DSpace * Fedora In addition to above there are number of CMS that are available in other languages like Ruby on Rails (Radiant, Typo), Perl (blosxom, Bricolage) etc. Open source content management systems .parison There are plenty of CMS systems available and so which one suits your requirements. If you have relatively simple requirements then go for any popular systems like WordPress or Joomla. If you have more .plex requirements, it is re.mended to do analysis of different CMS. WordPress: This is one of nicest CMS system. It is very easy to install and its up & running in no time. This system should be used if you have two main requirements, blogging and contents. Joomla: Joomla has little more .plex structure than WordPress but it requires a bit of a learning curve. Joomla is good for developing articles sites but creating other forms of content like directory etc can be a bit tricky. Drupal: Drupal is certainly a good option for Web 2.0 content and .munity sites with more .plex structure to control. Drupal provides quite a .prehensive process to put down a very detail rule/control but it requires a bit lengthy learning curve. List Of Things To Do When Starting A New Archicad Project By: Maria A Williams – When you are launching the ArchiCAD program, you can immediately start working. But then you are ignoring the power of this tool. This article will help you to recognize a few things you should do when you start a … Tags: Is Python A Good First Language To Learn For First Time Learners? By: Steve Nellon – Python was invented almost 24 year ago in the late 1980s and was conceived as a hobby programming language by its founder Guido Van Rossum in Nederlands. Currently, it is amongst the top 8 most accepted programming … Tags: How To Create A Web Template By: sushilraghav – There are many ways to build a well-designed web page. Some uses notepad to create HTML files while others build web designs using the help of different software applications. Tags: Why Opt For Robotic Process Automation By: vikram kumar – Robotic process automation is a definite game changer. The technology has the potential to significantly alter our way of life and work. Derived from integrating together artificial intelligence Tags: What Is Equivalence Class Testing? By: QATestLab – Software testing is very interesting and exciting field. It is full of different notions and principles. A huge number of various practices and techniques are applied during automated testing, functional testing, us … Tags: Driving Review Response Cycle With Online Reputation Management By: Sudhir Singh – Online reviews for hotels are a major force in the hotel selection process. This is triggered mainly by travelers, who love to post their feedback across online sources like social media platforms and meta search en … Tags: Generate Profits With Automated Revenue Management Systems By: Sudhir Singh – Evaluation of prices is a difficult task for it engages opportunities across multiple pricing segments to formulate a new revenue strategy. On the other hand, new projects are always cropping up which include newer … Tags: The Benefits Of Robotic Process Automation By: vikram kumar – Artificial intelligence has been consistently shown in a bad light in popular media, films and dystopian works of literature. But people seldom notice that artificial intelligence is not a futuristic figment of scie … Tags: Digarty Has Made Vimeo To Mp3 Conversion A Reality Via Winx Hd Video Converter Deluxe By: cynthia – Digiarty gives an improvement on its top-rated video converter software, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe allowing users to download and convert Vimeo (music) videos to MP3 files with hi-fi sound at an extreme high sp … Tags: Red Bull Racing Increases Simulation Performance With Ansys Software By: Suman Prasad – Formula One .petitor drives aerodynamic design with engineering simulation tools Tags: 相关的主题文章: