Home Furnishing golden week market purchasing power has the "golden nine silver ten" is always the Home Furnishing industry every year a hotly contested spot, is also marketing a period of concentrated outbreak. "Eleven" as an important node of the sprint performance in the fourth quarter, Home Furnishing stores, decoration companies, furniture enterprises launched various promotions, however, this year’s "eleven" golden week, Home Furnishing sales performance is not as expected. Most industry insiders said, with the promotion of normalization, "gold nine silver ten" in a gradual decline, taking into account the holiday consumption factors of inertia, Home Furnishing enterprises are still on its value, but our previous high growth promotion difficult now. Mainstream stores grew eleven holidays has been an important node for the marketing Home Furnishing store, near the end of the year, affected by the annual sprint performance, most stores will take "the price" to let go for. Beijing Morning Post reporter visited the store during the national day, many shopping guide will remind: Miss eleven discount, you can wait until next year. For the National Day holiday sales, Beijing several major home stores are growing, there are differences. The official data Meikailong shows "eleven" during the golden week, Meikailong traffic reached 1 million 860 thousand passengers, the merchant sales reached 5 billion 470 million, an increase of 13%. Will Meikailong combination attributed to a variety of marketing activities of the. Outside the city Home Furnishing market operations center general manager Liu Yang told the Beijing morning news reporters, "eleven" seven days outside the city, sales of nearly ninety million, compared to the same period last year increased slightly, which led the building materials products, sales growth of 20% over the same period last year and last year; furniture products. Jimei Home Furnishing project marketing director Ding Ling said, "eleven" period, Jimei Home Furnishing Beijing five store sales grew 10%, but popularity did not appear hot scenes, traffic rose in the three day after the holiday. Lanjinglijia general manager Lee said lanjinglijia during the national day, sales rose 17%, mainly due to the upper reaches of the real estate market driven, furniture, building materials products rose significantly. "Eleven" promotion to attract customers, not in accordance with past practice, the "golden nine silver ten" is not only the Home Furnishing marketing outbreak, as consumers focus on the purchase of the golden period, but in recent years, with the Home Furnishing market promotion norm, although still heavy holidays node to business promotion, but its ability to attract customers in a gradual decline, the concentration of consumer purchasing power is weakened. The floor of Beijing marketing director Wang Qingqiang said, the reason why there will be long weak consumption, mainly due to the impact of market promotion Home Furnishing normalization. During the holidays, stores and businesses will launch promotions, consumers do not need to focus on the purchase of the national day. In addition, with the improvement of living standards, a rare holiday during the year, more and more people will choose to travel, go home to visit relatives, friends and so on, the formation of the eleven passenger flow differentiation. Beijing Yezhifeng decorating company planning manager Li Pengfei said that in the first four days of National Day traffic scarce, 5 days, 6 days, 7 days of passenger flow was relatively increased. The peak of employment in terms of the amount of signing of the Yezhifeng holiday, with the amount of signing.相关的主题文章:

Don’t expect "World of Warcraft" on the host but Blizzard said to retain many games now Blizzard launched the possibility of multi platform version, "Diablo 3" and "watch" pioneer all onto XboxOne and PS4 platform. With more and more online games have also set foot in the host field, such as "Neverwinter Nights", "the Elder Scrolls Onlie" and "Final Fantasy 14" and so on, curious Blizzard housekeeping for "World of Warcraft" will not move on the host? "World of Warcraft" the new piece of information: the Legion’s Blizzard official said in an interview last week: Chadd Nervig "" World of Warcraft "is specialized is the main platform for PC production. This is what we are playing Warcraft, consider Warcraft and how the future development of Warcraft core." "We don’t have any plans to put it on the console, but we always have a choice. We don’t have any ideas for a short time, and we don’t announce plans." With "World of Warcraft" 7 patch update, Blizzard game skills and talents to do a lot of changes and streamlining that not long ago there were made by mod can handle game player to play "World of Warcraft" (with the). So if one day Blizzard said WOW to launch the host version is not too surprised, right? (Editor: Sen) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

Mudu delicacy tongue, only on the Chinese 2 "is a dark cuisine – Sohu to travel to play today only delicacy Mudu. Sweet marinated tofu is Suzhou’s most famous snacks, remember the first is packed in cartons shipped to all parts of the country, is the use of cylindrical fresh soybean as raw material, the preparation, cleaning, soaking, grinding, boiling, freezing, flinging pulp, pressing, molding, frying, stewing, cooling and packaging fruit, is not easy. Known as the best in all the land cake created in Mudu Zaoni cake, Qianlong forty-six years (1781), has been 200 years of history. According to legend, Emperor Qian Long Jiangnan, had the palace in lingyanshan, every day to hear mountain temple monks chanting. One day, the emperor Qian Long did not hear the chanting, he inquired, the original is Mudu qianshengyuan production Zaoni cake fragrant, old and still smell, chanting did not mind, then one lying around the wall, where the fragrance floated? In this regard, Qianlong was also surprised, he ordered to town to buy a cake to try, really deserved reputation, fragrant, sweet and delicious, longyan. Since then, Mudu qianshengyuan Zaoni cake has become one of the imperial snacks, known as "the best in all the land cake" its reputation is more significant. Jiangnan everywhere the fruit contains rich protein, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins and trace elements. Has diuretic milk, thirst, drug hangover effect. Shrimp, tender meat, delicious taste, rich nutrition, aquatic food is high in protein and low in fat, fried shrimp and shrimp are Jiangnan favorite food lovers. Roast fish, trout barbecue out the peach flowers flowing away with water, fresh fish, let people drool with envy. Osmanthus autumn is the best season full of branches of the edible lotus root, sweet crisp rotten Oupian makes appetizer heat, nourishing health. Salty crispy hoof, although not unique but also the characteristics of rural Mudu. Whitebait run eggs, commonly known as "yellow loquat in May, Taihu whitebait fertilizer", Taihu whitebait is rich in nutrition, delicate meat, fresh white scales, no thorns, no bone without bowel, no smell, contains a variety of nutrients, this dish in Taihu around wurenbuxiao. This is the tender flesh, delicious white fish, white shrimp, whitebait and was called "Taihu three white" and the world. See also the fish head soup, lotus root. This tie the meat, fat and not greasy meat, fragrant sauce, hand rub together, but separate. Said so much to eat delicacy Mudu, but poor, and only this as the central station on the tongue Chinese 2". January 2013, CCTV "tongue 2" crew boot, sent a number of crew, traveled around the country to find delicacy and shooting delicacy story, now this little Wu Zhentang is famous overseas, because the tip of the tongue 2 in Suzhou City, picked up a bowl of noodles (please refer to my previous article), and in the suburbs of Mudu choose only here a bowl of rice. The record has been slightly yellow, to tell the truth, broadcast two years later, here and that a bowl of the same size and still have some gaps. "There is no green rice, make me good color. Bitter lack of large pharmaceutical capital o相关的主题文章:

Next year, Sichuan No. 93 gasoline upgrading for No. 92, No. 97 for No. 95 Sichuan online news (reporter Li Xinyi) reporter from November 4th Chinese Sichuan Petroleum Marketing Company was informed that the Sichuan area from January 1, 2017 to upgrade the national standard of five. By then, the gas station will stop selling less than the national standard five vehicles with gasoline, diesel. 93, 97 of the gasoline will be adjusted to 92, 95, 98, three labels. Currently, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and other cities and some cities in Guangdong has begun to implement the national five standard, Chengdu will also take the lead in the country after the first year of the new year to taste the oil, some areas may also be ahead of schedule in advance of the five. After the implementation will significantly reduce pollutant emissions and four national standards than the national standard of five, there are three down: sulfur content decreased by 80%, sulfur is the most critical environmental indicators for gasoline vehicles, the main component is caused by acid rain sulfur; manganese content index limit reduced to 2mg L, in favor of vehicle emission control the system, but also reduce the potential harm to human health; olefin content decreased from 28% to 24% per liter, more can reduce the production of automotive engine air intake system deposits. After the implementation of a substantial reduction in vehicle emissions, is expected to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides in the car about 300 thousand tons per year, the cumulative reduction of nitrogen oxides in the new car for about 90 thousand tons of about 5 tons. Since January 1, 2017, all the manufacture, import, sale and registration of light gasoline vehicles, heavy-duty diesel vehicles (buses and buses, sanitation, postal purposes), must comply with the requirements of the national standard five. Since January 1, 2018, all light diesel vehicles manufactured, imported, sold and registered in the country shall meet the requirements of the five national standards. A week: Yibin Hotel pick slip female thermal field of Sichuan caught female celebrities charming girl Chengdu rent urban hard life to save money coed two slobber power dam filling amount equivalent to 6 real white Formica nest nightclub corrupt life No. 93 for 92 No. 97 for No. 95 to remind the industry, with the original No. 93 gasoline, plus 92 gasoline can be upgraded, the original plus 97 gasoline, plus 95 gasoline can be upgraded. Don’t bother to clean the oil tank, No. 93, No. 97 oil tank, can be directly mixed with No. 92 and No. 95 oil, the first secondary fuel after refueling, refueling four or five times, will be able to complete the natural transition. Fuel consumption is mainly related to driving habits, road condition, and other factors, change very little effect on fuel consumption of gasoline. Data show that No. 97 for 95 oil, fuel consumption increased by an average of 0.37%. The original use of gasoline 93 vehicles to switch to gasoline No. 92, no significant change in fuel consumption. China five promotion timeline in September 17, 2013, the Ministry of environmental protection issued the "light vehicle emission limits and measurement methods (China’s fifth phase)". December 18, 2013, the State Administration of quality supervision and inspection and the National Standards Commission issued a mandatory national standards for automotive gasoline. On April 28, 2015, the ninetieth executive meeting of the state council.相关的主题文章:

Liu Xiaoqing sent Lang Ping surprise two met more than 50 years [Abstract] yesterday (September 12th), a new period of "every day", Chinese women’s volleyball program. Coach Lang Ping with his love, Zhu Ting, together with Hui Ruoqi. Liu Xiaoqing and Lang Ping Shendu, as a surprise guest appearance. Lang Ping and her team of Tencent (the thousand) entertainment news yesterday (September 12th), a new period of "every day", Chinese women’s volleyball program. Coach Lang Ping with his love, Zhu Ting, together with Hui Ruoqi. Liu Xiaoqing and Lang Ping Shendu, as a surprise guest appearance. Liu Xiaoqing revealed that he and Lang Ping have been recognized for 51 years, often meet in private two. In her impression, Lang Ping is the "iron hammer, I would love to see others buckle dead". In addition, Gloria Tang, Phoenix legend, Sha Baoliang also participated in the recording of this episode of the program, in addition to the. Liu Xiaoqing talked about Lang Ping: I like to see her before the death of others to record the program, first of all, the reporter interviewed by Liu Xiaoqing. According to "every day" program group staff introduction, Liu Xiaoqing is the program group dedicated to Lang Ping’s surprise guests, Lang Ping did not know the arrival of Liu Xiaoqing. And Lang Ping talked about personal relationships, Liu Xiaoqing said, "when China women’s volleyball training from Omatsu Hirofumi, I knew her, today specially here for her". Omatsu Hirofumi came to China in 1965 to help train the Chinese women’s volleyball team for a month. At that time, Lang Ping was 5 years old, and Liu Xiaoqing was 10 years old. Two people from childhood to big. Liu Xiaoqing looked at the women’s volleyball training, they often look tired to froth at the mouth, then they took the world champion". Talked about the impression of Lang Ping, Liu Xiaoqing said, "she is iron hammer well, I would love to see others buckle dead". Now Lang Ping’s women’s volleyball team, there is no lack of such a high value of the face of the players like Hui Ruoqi. Turning to the players to enter the entertainment circle, Liu Xiaoqing said, "they are welcome to come over. Is the image of good, clever, regardless of family style. Sports players like fireworks, firecrackers, very beautiful, but it is harmful to life. We must be long." But the upright girl huireqi said, "we are too high"? Lang Ping talk about the selection of women’s volleyball team members: and before the big difference, and now look at the value of Yan program recording, Lang Ping sat on the throne of the Queen appeared on the show, the audience unanimously shouted, Lang Ping, Lang Ping". When it comes to life after winning the Olympic Games, Lang Ping has no time to stay busy to say. "Iron hammer" has always been to show people the image of Lang Ping, broke the news in addition to their own volleyball, little is known about other things. Reporters at the scene is also mentioned as Lang Ping’s long legs, a head to ask, "what is the Victoria’s secret? And before the Phoenix legend, Lang Ping did not know that they are a few men and women". But the players Zhu Ting, Hui Ruoqi’s obviously more familiar, said he usually will pay attention to. "But they are too thin, we more exercise. In front of them, (we) should be a woman man". Asked whether former women’s volleyball team and choose now is different, Lang Ping said with a smile: "Yeah, now look at the color value". In order to communicate with his teammates, Lang Ping will learn some of the exchange of 90 language. Women’s volleyball team is not playing well, playing bad, Lang Ping will say相关的主题文章: