Baishan cracked a large gun and drug-related cases and seized more than 1338 grams of drugs Jilin daily news (reporter correspondent Wang Ziyang Li Wenyan) since the "hundred days of drug battle" to carry out the Public Security Bureau of Baishan City, always keep the pressure up, continue to intensify the crackdown, achieved remarkable results. Recently, the Public Security Bureau flag Trinidad police tracking drug sources, cracked a large gun and drug-related cases, arrested 11 suspects, seized more than 1338 grams of drugs, 3 firearms, 61 bullets, a South North transport channel to destroy the virus. In daily work, the red flag of Baishan City Public Security Bureau police found new street residents Zhang drug trafficking suspects, then expand the investigation of Zhang, Zhang is getting goods from the nickname "cat" Y hands, and that Y and C to a drug deal. In the face of many clues, Baishan City Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to immediately set up a task force, set related to the deployment of police to carry out joint. After careful deployment, and more than three people arrested. According to the C of a confession, for his post drug man named Lee, nicknamed "the northeast big thunder". The ad hoc group immediately organized three police set up a "South drug group rushed to Guangdong. According to the clues provided by the local police, the drug group in a district in Qingyuan, Lee captured the suspect and seized drugs in his rented, shotgun, bullets and other contraband. Currently, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: