In Beijing over 80% of the sale of housing disputes involving the seller does not move out of the account — real estate — original title: Beijing over 80% of the sale of housing disputes involving the seller does not move out of Hukou [Abstract] the second intermediate people’s court held the sale of housing disputes conference, research shows that individuals who have asked the current account from the sale of housing disputes cases accounted for 86% of JINGWAH although the times are drawing Xie Yao to sell the house, but the seller has not yet accounts; buy school district room due to cause the child to become a bubble in…… Yesterday, the second city court held the sale of housing disputes conference, research shows that people buy the requirements of existing accounts cases accounted for the sale of housing disputes 86%, because the account migration caused such cases in recent years showed a rising trend. City Second Hospital, said, according to existing laws and policies, the police and the court can not force the original owner to migrate accounts. The seller is not released – moved to the account of a contract dispute according to the briefing, 2014, 2015 and January 2016 to July, the second city hospital has the trial involving account migration of the housing contract disputes were 13, 22 and 15. Among them, the person who asked to buy an existing account to move out of the case accounted for 86% of the total number of cases. In this case, half relates to the outsider’s account, in addition to selling the accounts, accounts and his relatives, even the house before the owner. "The cases concentrated in the school district room and serial sale", the Second City Court Civil Tribunal Xiao Daming introduced, after investigation, the city center case is relatively large, the outer suburbs of the case is less. Among them, involving Dongcheng, Xicheng District housing cases accounted for 26% of the total number of cases and 32%. It is reported that the sale of housing generally agreed on a daily basis to pay liquidated damages. In such a case the time of breach of contract duration is too long, resulting in the amount of liquidated damages is very high, ranging from several million to 200 million yuan, up to 20% of the total 1629. "Why don’t you move your account?" In this regard, the justices, sellers who agreed to move out, but in the process of the contract, the registration people unwilling to cooperate, could not find the registration, registration and even deaths, resulting in account of the delay can not move out. Some people have no other place to settle household registration, such as some real people after selling live in public rental housing, rental housing and private people; the old man "house-for-pension scheme" admitted to nursing homes, nursing homes for rent housing, do not have settled conditions, leading to the original owners of accounts can not move out. – the current situation of court cannot force the seller transfer accounts according to the judge the second city court, the court verdict does not directly transfer accounts. Account migration Department of public security organs of the authority of the household registration, does not belong to the scope of the court to deal with civil cases, that is, the court can not determine the migration account, only to investigate the seller’s liability for breach of contract. The judge said that if people do not agree to move out of the account registration or do not have to move out of the account, or any other circumstances involved in housing can not be settled, buyers can only be based on the sale contract, claim the damages, the court asked the others to move out to households)相关的主题文章: