UnCategorized In many high-risk careers, fire protection clothing may be the only thing that can save a life or limb. Designed to reduce or inhibit the spread of flames on clothing, fire resistant jackets can prevent third degree burns, which can lead to infection, amputation and even death if the burns cover a larger percentage of the body or cause .plications. The Danger of Third Degree Burns: Damaging skin, subcutaneous tissue and nerves, third degree burns are considered full thickness burns and can reach muscle or bone. They are generally minimally painful because the nerves are severely damaged and do not conduct the messages of pain to the brain. To repair the damage, the burns often require skin grafts and several surgeries, as well as physical therapy and a long recovery time. In extreme cases, amputation may be performed, not to mention the high risk of infection. Recovery is often long and painful, and if third degree burns cover a large percentage of the body, death can result. This is why fire resistant jackets are so important in so many different industries to reduce the risk of these injuries. Different Types Of Fire Resistant Jackets: There are many careers where someone is exposed to the hazards of open flame and must wear protective clothing. Firemen and workers in chemical or industrial occupations benefit from fire protection clothing, but so do race car drivers and the members of the pit crew. Regardless of the profession, however, each wearer will have to choose the correct type of fire resistant jacket and level of protection. It’s important to note that there are different levels of protection associated with different brands. Brands differ on the types of fibers used. Some brands build flame protection from the ground up by using inherently flame retardant fibers, while other brands start with flammable fibers like cotton and add chemical treatments to the fabric to impart flame retardant properties. Additionally, there are several other optional treatments such as water-proofing and static dissipation. The Benefits of Fire Protection Clothing: A flame resistant fabric or textile inhibits or reduces the burn process, giving the wearer of fire protection clothing a few precious moments to escape a fire. These moments can mean the difference between life and death. Many firemen, race car drivers, pit crew members and industrial workers owe their lives and limbs to the safety provided by FR jackets and protective clothing. This type of clothing has traditionally been known for being stiff and un.fortable. However, advancements in technology have allowed some brands the chance to offer superior products with a high level of .fort and consideration for the wearer. Third degree burns are life threatening, and the recovery period can take months, even years. Fire resistant clothing goes a long way to preventing these kinds of injuries and easily makes many dangerous professions a lot safer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: