Canada Sinologist bell "articles" elite political participation in the Beijing Book Fair – Sohu   reading; the morning of August 27th, Professor of philosophy at Tsinghua University bell book "political elite" articles in 2016BIBF Beijing book fair, the book won the "Financial Times" and "the guardian" book of the year 2015 2015 annual best holiday book, Francis Fukuyama, Zheng Yongnian Joseph, Yu Yongding, Pan Wei, Monet, Yan Xuetong, Zhang Wei for dozens of Chinese and foreign experts jointly recommended. The event is located in CITIC Publishing Group booth, bell vividly illustrates the theme of his speech — the political model of China: the political elite, democracy or both?   said: "the majority of Westerners believe that there is only one way to choose a leader, one person one vote system. Most Westerners believe that there are two kinds of political patterns in the world, one is good democracy and the other is bad. I think there are some problems with this approach, not in china. China is more complex, not so simple, so we have to ask, if there are other standards, what is it?" Bell’s "political elite" of a book is to solve this problem.     for a long time, the academic and political circles and public opinion has been judged from the perspective of political democracy governance system Chinese, believes that only the one vote based electoral system is good, everything else is autocratic political system. However, in many of the current electoral system, the interests of wealth and capital groups are in control of the disproportionate power, the United States general election is called "one dollar, one vote", rather than one person one vote. Bell believes that the political system is China Xian can not only select the superior ability of the leader, and so the selection of leaders of more long-term vision and global awareness, can make a more convincing political decision. It is a political system was more suitable for such as China power than the western democracy, it can effectively avoid the defects of democratic elections. Betenin also tried to use the political ideal of the Shang Dynasty to compare China’s reality, that China is to achieve a morally desirable, politically stable Shang Yin system, there is still a long way to go. National University of Singapore East Asian Institute of Zheng Yongnian "political elite" evaluation said: "there are very few like this book so thoroughly, so timely topic analysis, thinking and the reality so relevant works. The bell will combine in the west academic training and wisdom in China teaching and research experience, explains the development of China unique political system in Shang xian. Any one of Chinese interested and concerned about the development of Western democracy people should read this book to eye-opening." The end of the speech, bell repeatedly stressed that the Chinese model is unique. After all, the political elite if not hundreds of years of history, it is difficult to learn.相关的主题文章: