College-University Do you want to build your career in Journalism after completing your studies. If yes, you should be prepare yourself for that. There are many esteemed organizations India and abroad that recruit students after the completion of their studies. This job is considered as more challenging as compared to other jobs. Here, I am providing some ways that may help you in preparing the good journalist. Everybody knows that no person can learn about a profession easily until he works on that. An individual, who wants to become a Journalist, should try to learn how to write from his college books. In college books, there will be different writing styles. Students, who want to be the part of media, should read newspapers daily and should analyze its writing styles. Students, who are serious in starting their careers as Journalists , can ask many questions to the reporters such as What are challenges they are facing in their job, What will be the greatest satisfaction of this job, What you should study during your program? This may help you what you can do for making a career in this field. Journalists are those who can cover stories in various areas for e.g. business, finance, sports etc. Some Journalists cover news only. As a student, an individual writes many articles on different topics such as business, religion, news etc. If somebody really wants to make his career in this emerging field, he should join social media platforms. On web, you may find a lot of social media platforms like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter where you can meet with fellow students, reporters. Here you can get brainstorming story ideas, sources and campus-related employment. By concluding, we can say that if an individual has keen interest in building his career in the field of Journalism , he should also know how he can become the good journalist. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: