Relationships If you try this for one day and it does not get better then see a doctor as it could be a serious infection. Dermatologist Melbourne can help you with your various skin problems such as skin cancer, acne problems, varicose veins, cosmetic procedures, rashes, eczema, etc. Add sandalwood oil to almond or jojoba oil to relieve itching and dryness. The need to treat malignant melanoma carefully is important. If you have dry skinuse a cleanser that adds moisture to your skin and for oily skin use and oil-free cleanser. Anti Aging Night Cream It helps unclog the pores, prevents breakouts ,helps cure acne and subsequently fades away fine lines. This ingredient provides maximum removal of free radicals from the skin. There is nothing wrong in dreaming about a wrinkle free skin. Since their skin uncovered to more weather changes, and abrupt changes too seeing as how clime change has adapted the measure passing of season nowadays, a more intensive regime would be needed of them. This is because they never step out without SPF sunscreen. Cultivars may contain 15% citronic acid (wild forms up to 8. A good cleanser should clean pores gently and leave skin feeling soft and supple. They have the power to regenerate and scarce tissues affected by acne. Keep in mind that Darphin products are some of the best on the market. What if you could get away from the influence of bad habits, instead of needing to give them up after starting. Yes, the skin is an organ and you never really realized it was an organ until now. Yeah, so these British scientists also found that Parabens are found intact in different body tissues, especially breast tissue, which raised all kinds of alarms in the health-conscious .munities. When you have the sensation of numbness in your limbs, then it might be caused by diabetic problems as it affect your nerves. This occurs because honey has a low water content and acidic p – H level. Now that you know what to look for in a good anti wrinkle cream is important that you also follow a healthy lifestyle by eating nutrient foods, exercising and avoid toxins from smoke, the sun, pollution and other things. Anti-aging eye cream employs one of the most advanced technologies. Whether the sun is shining or overcast, you need to have to protect your skin every single day. It improves skin texture, elasticity, thickness, stimulating cell regeneration, and restores moisture. The need to handle malignant melanoma as soon as possible is important. It is used to relieve bloating and improve digestion. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Home-and-Family It is a true luxury to have hot tubs in the home, they provide so much .fort and can relieve stress in a flash. Its hot water and massage jets do wonders to ones body that relaxation is definitely guaranteed. Hot tubs are more .monly known as a spa or a jacuzzi. It can be either a stationary spa or a portable hot tub spa. A soak in hot tubs can be beneficial because of the heat, buoyancy, and massage that relieve stress. However, if not properly maintained and cleaned, it can harbor deadly bacteria that can cause serious illnesses. Here are some tips on how to keep bacteria at bay and how to maintain and keep your hot tub clean.The hot tub filter needs to be cleaned or replaced as often as necessary, this is the primary cleaning system of your hot tub and it should be properly maintained to keep it working well. The hot tub filter is where the dirt and grime go which is why scum and bacteria thrive on it. Ensure that it is cleaned often to keep your hot tub clean and less prone to bacteria causing grimes. Drain the water after every use. Bacteria that cause harmful diseases breed on un-drained hot tub water, which is why it is important to drain your hot tub after every use, a lot of people don’t drain their jacuzzi or hot tubs after use. Numerous organisms that can pose a threat to your health can breed on stagnant water. Prevent lime build up by making sure to clean your jets regularly. Lime is the dark gray, sometimes black, deposits that accumulate around the jets and then end up floating in the water when the jets are turned on. A mixture of vinegar and detergent will get rid of lime build up, just dump the vinegar mixture on the water and let the jets run for 10 minutes. Drain the tub, rinse it with water and your regular cleaning agent and you’re done. A hot tub is prone to getting stains especially if it is not cleaned regularly. Removing stains form the interior of the tub is easy, all you need is a sponge, bleach and water. Make a bleach and water mixture. Use the sponge to scrub the tub’s interior. Drain and rinse the tub when you are done. Do not put any chemical on the tub when you have not rinsed the bleach away .pletely, make sure no bleach residue remains. If you suspect that your hot tub has scum in it, and you are not sure what kind of chemical you should use to clean it, it is best to take a sample to your local supply store. Never use any product without enough knowledge about it because it can lead to hazardous results, it is always best to consult an expert. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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My search for a possible cancer cure began in late 2004 when I found out that my cousin and lifelong friend had been diagnosed as having stage-three melanoma. The cancer had appeared out of nowhere and so it was quite a shock to my cousin and everyone close to him. As luck would have it, I had spent a lot of time the previous four years or so working on my dream of someday posting a website aimed at helping aging baby boomers and others live longer, healthier and happier lives. Naturally, a lot of my research involved searching for ways to ward off and treat diseases and ills such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney and liver disease, and so forth. When I found out about my cousin, I began to redouble my efforts and focus my research more on cancer. I found a lot of very good information about fighting cancer and other diseases, boosting our immune systems and improving health in general. However, it was not my research that led me to finding out about the magical, miraculous oleander plant it was a card game! Yes, the way I first heard about the healing powers of oleander happened one evening when I was sitting down at a friendly card game and mentioned my cousin’s cancer. An acquaintance of mine whom I had known for a few years and who had worked for the American Medical Association at one time, looked across the table at me and, as serious as could be, said I know a cure. He then proceeded to tell me an amazing story of what he knew about oleander. Later, I found others who told me essentially the same basic story, although each person seemed to have a slightly different version. Although the versions I heard have differed somewhat, the basic story line I believe to be essentially correct is as follows: In the early 1960’s a Turkish doctor by the name of Huseyin Ziya Ozel was searching for a cure for his pet dog’s cancer when he noticed that a large number of Turkish villagers referred to him came from high altitudes and he thought that perhaps there was more to the story than just the higher incidence of skin cancer associated with higher altitudes: In many versions of the story, Doctor Ozel was reported to have observed Turkish villagers drinking an oleander remedy, which pretty much correlates with the description of Oleander Leaf on the American Cancer Society website, where it states that Doctor Ozel started his study of oleander because of folk traditions that suggested that an extract from oleander was active against leukemia. Further research showed that Nerium Oleander was most abundant in lower altitudes and practically did not exist at high altitude. Satisfied that he may have determined the cause of the villager’s good health, Doctor Ozel became intrigued with the plant and began to prepare and work with various extracts of Oleander himself in 1966 while he was the head of the surgical department at Mugla State Hospital of Turkey. Doctor Ozel first conducted animal studies to determine that the substance was non-toxic and, once he determined the toxicology and effects of Nerium Oleander Extract (or NOE), he conducted further experiments and developed his treatment in various forms until he eventually started tests on terminal human cases. After initial success in treating human cancer patients with NOE, Doctor Ozel began to discussing his findings with other professionals in his field. He sought analysis of the extract from various Turkish laboratories to understand the empirical results. They were unable to characterize the extracted .pounds. In hope of gaining assistance from the government or research organizations, he prepared a paper to present his first human cases at the Fourth Balkanic Medical Days Symposium held in Ankara on 20 September 1973. The cases presented were all considered terminal cases when the patients came to Doctor Ozel. By law, he could not treat patients with an experimental drug, such as NOE, unless they had exhausted all other conventional treatment methods with no response or were diagnosed as advanced stage, terminal cases. At the symposium he was able to call the attention of the scientific .munity to NOE and how the extract had shown to be efficacious on cancer cases of different varieties. He was sure that his presentation would trigger serious and abundant research on NOE, and that it finally could be put into service for mankind. The response from the scientific .munity was less than overwhelming. The skepticism centered mainly on the fact that the presentation contradicted what little literature there was on oleander species. Clearly the results presented could not be explained as an extension of prior art but Turkish scientists strongly denied the facts that Doctor Ozel had presented without any further research. To conclude, the medical .munity was reluctant to accept the results. Doctor Ozel was undaunted by the criticism and lack of support for the ideas presented. He continued his research and patients continued to seek treatment. In 1974, he published additional case reports in the Turkish Medical Journal Dirim. Doctor Ozel resigned from his position as Chief Doctor at Mugla State Hospital that same year in order to be able to work on NOE and initiate research on the subject, Doctor Ozel contacted various universities in Istanbul. Years passed and he realized that no serious scientific research could be performed in any of the local universities. In the meantime, his old patients referred new ones to him, and more cancer patients presented to him as word of the results of the treatment spread. In 1985 he started to look for research facilities abroad. During 1986-1987 some tests performed in Europe proved the effect of NOE on the immune system as well as cancer tumors. The studies showed that it was at least six times as potent as the most active .mercially available immune-stimulants (Schizophylan, Krestin and Lentinan, which were patented by the Japanese in the 1980s). In 1988, a research team was formed at Munich University Pharmacology Institute to isolate the active .ponents contained in the N.O. extract. Several polysaccharides were identified that might be responsible for some part of the immune activity. On 17-22 July 1990, the initial results were presented as a poster at the symposium of Biology and Chemistry of Active Natural Substances (BACANS) which was held in Bonn, Germany. The presentation was published in Planta Medica 1990-56:66. However, no single .ponent of the extract was found to be the sole source of its benefits. Instead, the activity is induced by a .plex mixture of .ponents contained in the extract, acting synergistically to modulate the immune system. Since the early 1970’s, Doctor Ozel has been treating patients with advanced and inoperable cancer as well as a wide variety of other of illnesses. His results have been truly remarkable. In fact, so fantastic were the stories of his success that Doctor Ozel had to endure long periods of controversy from the Turkish medical establishment and there were those who tried to charge the good doctor with being a charlatan. Happily, the truth of his successes won out and such charges were dropped from consideration when his results were proven. Scores of patients rose up to defend the good doctor, testifying about how they had been cured when all other treatment options had failed. The patented name of Doctor Ozel’s oleander extract is Anvirzel’, whose trademark was once owned by Ozelle Pharmaceuticals, which was formed by Doctor Ozel’s son and other investors. Today, trademark rights are in dispute. Unfortunately, since Doctor Ozel had claimed that oleander was a cure for cancer, as opposed to a natural supplement, and since his extract was patented and given a trademark, the FDA now considers oleander as an unproven medicine which, because of the toxicity of the raw plant, must have it’s safety and effectiveness proven before the FDA will allow it’s use even as a herbal supplement, and so it is very difficult to obtain herbal supplements which contain oleander in the United States. Today, the lengthy and costly three-phase FDA trial process for approval of Anvirzel’ or any other oleander extract, is far from over, although many people and millions of investor dollars are counting on it ultimately being approved. In 2000, Ozelle Pharmaceuticals had successful phase I FDA trials conducted on Anvirzel’, but subsequently ran into investor problems and had to reorganize. Although Ozelle continues to publish plans that it will soon begin phase II trials with Anvirzel’, such plans have not yet reached fruition and funding appears to continue to be a major problem for Ozelle. In the interim, a .peting .pany, Phoenix Biotech, also obtained a patent for Anvirzel’ in Honduras and has applied for a U.S. patent as well, and a clinic has been established in Honduras by the name of Salud Integral. For the past eight years, the clinic has successfully treated a number of patients, many of whom travel from the United States for initial diagnosis and treatment, as well as three-month supplies of Anvirzel’ for various cancers, hepatitis-C, psoriasis and other immune disorders. Within just the past three years, a third .peting .pany appeared by the name of Shimoda Atlantic Oncology Biosciences, and claimed to have developed its own oleander extract named Xenavex’ which it claimed was much stronger due to an ethanol extraction method. As it turned out, I and others exposed the .pany as a fraud that was created to cheat investors and the drug was actually a heart medication imported from Russia. Furthermore, although the imported Russian medicine does have slightly higher concentrations of oleandrin, the ethanol extraction method results in the loss of other .pounds that researchers believe work together in a synergistic way to make oleander extract so powerful (over 500 trace .pounds have been identified in an aqueous, or water, oleander extract, including vital long-chain polysaccharides that are lost in ethanol extraction methods because they precipitate out during the extraction process). Sadly, I must report that it may be many years, if ever, before an oleander based medicine wins FDA approval. The simple fact is that it takes hundreds of millions of dollars to get a new drug successfully through all the FDA trials, and this pretty much bars .petition to all but the very large pharmaceutical .panies. Many feel that if the issue ever went to court, the patent itself would be hard to defend, since it is based on a .mon plant and a centuries-old folk remedy. Others feel that, because of the billions of dollars in profits at stake for the trillion-dollar world pharmaceutical industry and their myriad cancer treatments, no oleander medicine will ever be approved in the United States. The best hope as of the time of this writing appears to be the development of an oleander based tablet by Phoenix Biotech which is reported to be have a much stronger concentration of oleandrin and the other cardiac glycosides while losing none of the other essential synergistic .pounds. Only time will tell if a major pharmaceutical .pany with the requisite funds will pick up this new oleander product from Phoenix, shepherd it through FDA trials, and finally bring it to market. The good news is that there is a home version that can be made right on the stovetop for only pennies! Stay tuned. Live Long, Live Healthy, Live Happy! 相关的主题文章:

Automobiles A custom license plate holder can really help you to express who you are to anyone who happens to be driving immediately behind your car, truck, or motorcycle. I know people who think that getting chrome license plate holders, spinners, cute bumper stickers, or fuzzy dice mean that you are a bit of an idiot with no originality, desperately clinging to any method which might provide a substitute for an authentic creative outlet, but this is not the case. I know, because I have used license plate frames for years, and I am one of the most creative and original people that I know. I mean think about it. If you have something to say, should you keep it to yourself, or find a license plate holder that says it for you, and in cute bubbly printing too? I don’t know about you, but I have too much inside me to really keep it to myself, and the clever sayings on my t-shirts, my extensive collection of key chains and bottle openers, and the elegant expressions of my license plate holder (not to mention my custom license plate 2kool1324) really give me a way to shine at my full potential. I first got a custom license plate holder a few years ago, before I made it big off of e-commerce. Back then, I was driving a junker Toyota, and could barely afford the duct tape to hold it together. I decided, what they hey, I might as well splurge on something to spruce it up and to show off my spiffy sense of humor. I got a license plate holder in fancy rococo design with those curly letters which said, quite elegantly, My other car is a pile of rust. People thought that it was so funny that they stopped breaking in and stealing my radio (I had lost three radios up to that point.) It showed me something that expressing yourself not only helps you to feel better, but makes other people more likely to like you as well. Despite the decrepitude of my car, I feel like I got more respect from that point on, largely because of my license plate holder. And if a nice license plate holder can do that on an old junker Toyota, just imagine what it has done to spiff up the BMW that I now drive. It looks fabulous, no doubt of that. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: