Don’t expect "World of Warcraft" on the host but Blizzard said to retain many games now Blizzard launched the possibility of multi platform version, "Diablo 3" and "watch" pioneer all onto XboxOne and PS4 platform. With more and more online games have also set foot in the host field, such as "Neverwinter Nights", "the Elder Scrolls Onlie" and "Final Fantasy 14" and so on, curious Blizzard housekeeping for "World of Warcraft" will not move on the host? "World of Warcraft" the new piece of information: the Legion’s Blizzard official said in an interview last week: Chadd Nervig "" World of Warcraft "is specialized is the main platform for PC production. This is what we are playing Warcraft, consider Warcraft and how the future development of Warcraft core." "We don’t have any plans to put it on the console, but we always have a choice. We don’t have any ideas for a short time, and we don’t announce plans." With "World of Warcraft" 7 patch update, Blizzard game skills and talents to do a lot of changes and streamlining that not long ago there were made by mod can handle game player to play "World of Warcraft" (with the). So if one day Blizzard said WOW to launch the host version is not too surprised, right? (Editor: Sen) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

A small brokerage in Hongkong during the first half turn from camp losses hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Sina Hong Kong News   October 7th news, Oriental Daily News reported, small and medium-sized brokerage business environment continued bad, the Commission according to the latest statistics, the first half of this year, C group performance brokerage industry profit into loss, recorded a net loss of 650 million yuan, compared with the second half of 2008 during the financial crisis, recorded a net loss of 606 million yuan even more, mainly because of the net loss of proprietary trading known as "Pan ride up to 2 billion 388 million yuan, up to eight years. Familiar with the operation of the securities industry sources that the first half of the Hong Kong stock trading, brokerage and many small and medium-sized securities firms "down", but buried a fried market, "Pan ride dealbookby huge losses, worth regulators attention. A broker said, there are new entrants to the convenience store part-time earn brokerage meal, more brokers to switch to retail or construction industry. Net commission income of more than 25% in the first half of the C group reduced brokerage securities trading commissions from net income of only 2 billion 461 million yuan, compared with the second half of last year fell 25.6%, proprietary trading even recorded a net loss of 2 billion 388 million yuan, resulting in C group brokerage recorded 650 million yuan net loss for half a year, the second half of last year net profit of 784 million yuan. The Legislative Council of the Hongkong financial services sector Mr Zhang Huafeng said that the small and medium sized brokerage proprietary trading book mainly due to huge losses and market deliversquiescently, or more or less, the penny stocks plus fried outrageous, "can be a day down 90%, brokerage proprietary trading inevitably damaged hand. There are senior securities firm boss said that many of the securities and futures market is difficult to maintain, less and less light city, relying on the Commission simply can not make money, the result is the brokerage and the company together, sitting stocks". Sincere securities CEO Shen Zhenying said, in recent years the small brokerage business environment is getting worse, continued to see the longest time difference is. New entrants to the securities brokerage for that part of new entrants brokerage part-time support their livelihood. Vice president of Greater China Investment Strategy Research Institute (Hong Kong) Li Weijie said, there are some serving front-line brokerage switch. Ever heard of the individual to front-line brokerage retail or construction industry. The retail market is not the desire, some brokers will earn commission trader. Hongkong Stock Exchange (00388) in the year of the spot market transactions research survey, brokerage, sitting plate transactions accounted for the proportion of the total turnover of the market has increased to a record high of 22% of the new high of the new year, the market value of the total number of transactions in the market has been increased to a record high of 20142015. According to the estimated turnover, brokerage transactions in their own 20142015 year on year growth of 124%. Over the past ten years, the broker itself相关的主题文章:

How the fall of supplementing calcium, VD? See this enough – Sohu survived the maternal fed milk, anorexia in the summer, this time the baby was a long eat? Can the autumn sunshine time becomes shorter, the baby’s outdoor activities became less and less light to let the body for the synthesis of VD opportunity is less, so the beginning of autumn, calcium is hot topic again. Indeed, until the autumn winter, supplementing calcium, VD still have a good grasp. First of all, the milk to drink enough calcium, is always in the hearts of Chinese mothers pain points and concerns. In fact, at the current feeding level, normal children rarely have pure calcium intake, whether breast milk, milk powder, baby Rice noodles, eat enough calcium, has the baby, the source of calcium enriched. So, I don’t worry, rushing to the factory to send money ah. Milk is the best source of calcium. How much milk to drink every day to meet the needs of calcium? Under the age of 1, milk accounted for 13 – 12 of the proportion of baby food intake over the age of 1, to 400-600ml a considerable amount of milk or milk products 2~6, dairy products over the age of 6 ~ 300-400ml of adult milk or equivalent, at least 300ml of milk or the equivalent amount of dairy milk can if good habits adhere to the adult life will benefit. 1 years old above the standard is not high, arrange three meals properly can drink. For example, Jo in 1 and a half years old, one day early in the evening of three meals a milk + yogurt; now more than 3 years old, every morning and evening milk, add in the afternoon a yogurt. Treasure the mother baby according to the schedule, every child can drink milk. If you do not like to drink milk or lactose intolerance in children, try yogurt (homemade best), cheese, is also a high-quality source of calcium. As long as the guarantee of dairy products intake enough, do not worry about the child calcium deficiency. In addition to a high calcium food, we can give the child to eat some high calcium food, as follows (calcium content per 100 grams): whole milk: milk: milk calcium content of 120 mg: 1030 Mg (flushing after dilution): 590 mg yogurt cheese: 140 milligrams of soy products: soy: 367 mg North tofu: Tofu: 240 mg to 777 mg of Southern seafood: floss: 3970 mg shrimp: 2000 mg small shrimp: 882 mg 348 mg: kelp seaweed: 264 mg other: sesame sauce: 870 mg fungus: 247 mg celery: 187 mg 119 mg of peanut: you see, in addition to milk, the calcium content of so many things are high, they are very good Sources of calcium. For example, soy products, kelp, seaweed, black fungus, sesame, you can give the baby to add some uniform. People of all ages need calcium every day, looked a little dizzy. Note: children: 1~13 years old boy: 14~17 years old reference: Chinese Nutrition Society, "Chinese residents dietary reference intakes" Q相关的主题文章:

Walking on the need to be cautious about the "free" Insider (original title: travel abroad need to be cautious! The visa insider say more are tears) lead: original China visa free countries, but it does not mean that you can buy the air ticket of! Those who were fooled by the fact that the truth, said more tears, today, for you to expose those who seem to be signed but deep inside the country! Ukraine does not fly reason: is a limited time to sign, holders of ordinary passports of citizens in Kiev Boris Pohl International Airport, for a residence time of not more than 15 days of entry visa. Hard to reason: King beauty more beautiful here all beauty, down to the ordinary people, to the "Iron Lady" of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Even the female is a valiant and heroic in bearing, golden green scenery. Of course, Ukraine is not only beautiful, the scenery here just tease you with the visual nerve. The world famous love tunnel is here! You may have read in history books to the Yalta system, some impression of "Yalta" this name, but if you don’t come here to take a look at the beautiful scenery, I can’t feel the real beauty here. Bolivia is not reliable reason: China citizens can prove not resident in China, but resident in third countries can enjoy the local customs of Bolivia unilaterally landing visa policy, which for those students visiting people in foreign countries is applicable. Although the conditions are very pit father, but can not stop it beautiful ah…… Hard to reason: the mirror in the sky when it comes to Bolivia you may feel strange, but when it comes to mirror in the sky you know, mirror in the sky is from Bolivia Uyuni salt marsh, with its magnificent and beautiful scenery, surrounded by many magazine as the ultimate travel destination. Travel abroad need to be cautious! The visa insider say more are tears not reliable reason: San Marino San Marino the whole country surrounded by Italy, a total area of 61.2 square kilometers. Because there is no airport, Chinese tourists must enter the territory of Italy to San marino. Hard to reason: it is said that San Marino rate is much lower than in Italy, where the brand perfume price is very cost-effective, some even more than the duty-free shops a lot cheaper. At the top of Mount Titano, you can enjoy the magnificent Yamase Meijing below. Seen from the fortress, visitors can see the rugged terrain and different colorful landscape. Andorra visa is not reliable reason: the country is too small and there is no airport, need to pass through to reach the French or spanish. Therefore, want to go to these two countries, must apply for Schengen. Hard to reason: skiing and duty-free shopping paradise because domestic Andorra does not impose income tax, many commodity price is quite competitive, most commodity prices than other European countries 1 to 3. In the store can often see drive to shopping in France or Spain, Portugal and even Morocco, their faces are filled with the harvest after meet smile, the bags kept to the car, which is a major shopping.相关的主题文章:

Staff training institutions reselling parents information two million 15 months for JINGWAH map information times news August 25th, working in the training school, education, Yang, Xu and other 6 people, illegal acquisition, buy more than 200 students and parents, in addition to point to parents in mass advertising, Ganji, 58 city and other network platform the sale of. Reporters learned on August 24th, Yang, Xu and other 6 people guilty of illegal access to personal information of citizens, was sentenced to 1 years in Haidian court for six months, six months and one year probation and other different sentences. The parents of the students information has been repeatedly Yang is born in 1989 in Inner Mongolia, Oroqen people, high school culture, 2011 beijing. According to Yang confessed afterwards, he first worked in an education and training institutions, and later changed several times, a total of 3 educational institutions to work. Yang use convenient work in training schools and education company, secretly copy of personal information of citizens of more than 200, this information includes not only the students and their parents, the name of the student’s school and grade, contact, and even many also include home address. In order to make a profit, Yang will be sold in batches of these information, the average selling half a penny for each information, a total profit of 1 yuan. According to the prosecution allegations, from 2011 to 2013, Yang will sell the information to Xu, Xu will sell the information to different people. From August 2012 to September, Liu Xu from somewhere to buy personal information of citizens of more than 60, February 2015 to March, conspiracy to buy personal information of citizens of a cow, Liu Moumou, by Liu Xu from somewhere to buy personal information of citizens of more than 5. In March 2013, a court from Liu copy of personal information of citizens of more than 50. 2014 Haidian police investigation pseudo base case, seized the personal information, Yang, Xu and other 6 people illegally obtaining personal information of citizens behavior has also been found. Haidian court held that the 6 per capita guilty of illegal access to personal information of citizens, but in view of the performance of the 6 accord with a condition of a lighter punishment, sentenced Yang, Xu was sentenced to 1 years imprisonment for 3 months to half a year, and the probation ranging from 2 years to 1 years of imprisonment, around 15 thousand yuan to 5000 yuan fine. Purchase information for advertising is understood, the 6 defendants, there are English training, but also to do sports training. Yang from the hands of the purchase of information Xu, 2011 start-up companies. The parents of the students have received a data message, because of the need to recruit students, after he spent 700 yuan from the hands of Yang bought 7 schools located in Haidian elementary school parents, he can find information, text messages on behalf of the company, with the price of 5 cents each, to the parents of sending spam messages, the annual enrollment increased 25%. In the meantime, Xu found that the information can be again reselling profits, from the hands of Yang will buy all the information, increase to 20 thousand yuan, the 58 city and Ganji and other information platform will be sold to the company. Among them, Xu will be 172 schools in Haidian District all the information to the sale of $1200 to engage in the education industry, liu. The cattle and Liu Moumou as a legal representative of the legal representative of the educational institutions and market department, Liu xx.相关的主题文章: